LOL!!! Schumer "Helping" Mitch With Delusional Babbling! Tea Party Magic Becoming Obvious!


On Thursday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blasted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for not being more like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), whom he praised effusively during the budget fight. He also predicted that Cruz and the Tea Party have peaked.

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LOL!!!  Ironically, Schumer may be ensuring another Tea party type makes it into the Senate.  McConnell will face a stronger challenge now, more than ever, in his primary.  Having Schumer endorse him won’t help his cause any. 

As to the Tea Party “peaking”, they said that earlier this year, as well.  But, more than that, I don’t see how the Tea party could have peaked when every protest that isn’t associated with leftism is attributed to the Tea party!  Bikers, Truckers, Vets, ……  they’re all Tea partiers, now! 

But, on a serious note, that is what the left doesn’t seem to understand. 

In the truest sense a TEA party person was/is apolitical.  In its origins it was simply a person fed up with the government spending and waste.  They advocated lower taxes through a smaller government.  They were as angry at Bush about the bank bailouts as they were at Obama with the stupid stimulus that wasn’t going to stimulate anything. 

But, the left invoked the wrong tactic when attacking these people.  They decided to mischaracterize them as extremists and went absolutely batshit crazy over a group of people simply demanding a more responsible government.  In the beginning, these were fairly benign people with very little political leanings in terms of party affiliation. 

However, the insane reaction of the left gave them power they didn’t have before.  It’s hysterical.  If you want to see a Leftard dance like a dog angrily chasing his tail, just say the magic incantation, which is say or write “Tea Party” three times.  Any leftard hearing that or reading it will immediately have bulging eyes, and start heavily breathing through their mouth.  Soon afterwards, foam at the corners of the mouth will form and guaranteed, a form of Tourette’s will kick in, in which the word “racist” will be repeated over and over again by the leftard.  That is their own incantation, but, it is much weaker than the “Tea Party” spell. 

This is the power the left gave the Tea party people.  And, it continues to grow.  Today, any opposition to Obama is characterized as those “extreme Tea Party” people.  This has an incredible unifying effect.  Everyone is a Tea partier!  All you have to do is be critical of Zero and presto!!!  Another magical incantation!  You’re a Tea partier! 

The TEA party in no way has peaked because the leftards continue to feed the Tea party types all of this power! 

There are other very strong Tea party incantations which leftards have none to match.  Simply say or write “Palin” three times.  Another is “Allen West” for the equal and opposite direction of angry tail chasing of leftards. I have on good authority that the Tea Party alchemists are working on another one called “Ben Carson”.  It’s already stronger than any leftard incantation.  It just needs some eye of “Newt”, and it’ll be ready to go! 

Yes, much of this was in jest, but, the underlying premise is spot on.  The Tea party won’t go away because the left continues to empower and embolden them.  It’s long been clear that the establishment Repubs want the Tea party people to go away, but, they can’t shed them because anyone in loyal opposition to Obama and the Dems have a gravitational field to the Tea party because of the visceral reaction of the left.  It’s hysterically funny! 

I often point to the reaction of others as a mark of winning.  When a leftard comes to this blog and, through conversation with someone here, devolves into an irrational fit of name calling and ad homs, then we know we’ve won the argument.  The same can be said for Zero when he tells people not to listen to bloggers.  It means we’re winning.  When all climate skeptics are “deniers” we’ve won.  (Note the strong similarities in how the alarmists reacted to skeptics as leftards reacted to Tea Party people.)  So too, has the Tea party won.  They just have to stay the course, find a couple different techniques and do like the skeptics, stay at it.  The argument is won, we just have to make people realize it. 

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18 Responses to LOL!!! Schumer "Helping" Mitch With Delusional Babbling! Tea Party Magic Becoming Obvious!

  1. philjourdan says:

    It will take time. But eventually the Tea Party will replace the Republicans. At least then we will have a real choice.

    And this is just another example of democrats telling republicans how to win – and the republicans listening.

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Tea Party – Tea Party -Tea Party – Dr Ben – Dr Ben – Dr Ben – Mr Cruz – Mr Cruz – Mr Cruz – Mr West – Mr West – Mr West – Mr Lee – Mr Lee – Mr Lee – Mrs Palin – Mrs Palin – Mrs Palin.

    Stir da pot!

    Dash of Breitbart ………………… Dash of Suyts ……………….

    Toil Toil – Boil Boil …………… Turn this Fat Rat……. yellow!

    Oh wait…The Fat Rat – turned himself yellow…….. at Benghazi – and continued to show his YELLOWNESS throughout the Vet Shutdown!

  3. ThePhDScientist says:

    Business can’t wait to torpedo the tea party!

    It seems they’re bad for everyone left, right and center!!!

    • kim2ooo says:

      You seem to be under the illusion that the Republican party is a monolith.

      You might actually want to WATCH the UTUBE before you comment.

    • philjourdan says:

      Then you should have no problem with them. Only a moron fights an impotent enemy. So either you are a moron, or a liar.

      You get to pick.

    • kim2ooo says:

      That might be a BIG mistake for the Chamber of Commerce. It was NOT the Democrats who greeted and helped the Vets across Barrycades – They will remember. As will the Independent Truckers… The Bikers…………… Many who ARE The Chambers of Commerce – Locally.

  4. kim2ooo says:


  5. thallstd says:

    Wish I was as optimistic but I don’t see any significant victory any time soon.

    If Obamacare’s problems continue well into next year we may end up with 2014 elections ousting the Dems from control of the Senate and the White House and reducing their numbers in the house. At best, I think it will be a short lived victory.

    Assuming we aren’t thwarted from within by “leftarded repubs” and we do actually manage to start to turn the country back towards the one envisioned by our founders, we will be pilloried by the press for cutting programs rather than credited for restoring fiscal responsibility.

    I see 2 constituencies and 2 factions that, unless changed, will insure any tea party victories are limited to occasional battles while the left wins the war of ideas.

    The two constituencies are (1) the largely uneducated, uneducatable and unemployable who will continue to vote to keep the federal funds flowing into their pockets and (2) those who have been mal-educated by our educational system.

    The two factions are (1) journalists who are also mal-educated by our educational system and, as Neal Gabler (a former Fox News Watch panelist who represented the left) contends are “lazy and stupid, lazy and stupid, lazy and stupid” and (2) our educational system, which is overrun with leftists and worse.

    Faction 1 &2 insure constituencies 1 & 2 will disproportionately vote democrat and will themselves disproportionately vote democrat.

    The few battles we win here and there are just speed bumps on the road to ruin. It took generations for the left to take over the media and the universities. I think it will take far longer to get them back.

    Sorry for the downer post. I’m almost 60. The ONLY hope I see in my lifetime is Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. If you have any other hope to counter with I’m eager to hear it.

    • DirkH says:

      “The few battles we win here and there are just speed bumps on the road to ruin. It took generations for the left to take over the media and the universities. I think it will take far longer to get them back.”

      Nope. Cultural marxism / Gramsciism, also called “long march through the institutions”, has taken 70 years to overtake the system.

      The collapse will be swift and the marxist colleges will be empty shells. The marxist professors will cultivate cale in their backyard to survive instead of writing their next tome or giving their next interview, as no taxpayer will bail them out.

    • philjourdan says:

      The problem with Mark Levin’s solution is still the vote.

      • cdquarles says:

        True. Still, within the Constitution, some thing like the Liberty Amendments are a must. Otherwise, we have a Civil War coming. Leftism is a cancer. That cancer has spread over 110 years. The patient is critical. Time for something radical. Your choice. The Amendment route or the bloody route (maybe both 😦 ).

        May the rapture come and take me and mine before the Apocalypse.

        • philjourdan says:

          America was a new concept. So there is no precedence. Tyranny is an old concept and there is a lot of precedence. We will see which precedence is followed.

      • thallstd says:

        True. Which reminds me of a 3rd faction – the politicians themselves, many mal-educated by the same institutions. Levin’s term limit amendment may help here but I’m not hopeful. We got where we are for a number of reasons. But had the original intent of our founding documents been preserved we wouldn’t be here. Even should Levin’s amendments be enacted, what will keep them from being similarly treated?

        • philjourdan says:

          They have bastardized the “promote the general welfare” (in some cases even misquoting it as “provide”), so you are correct. They will bastardize anything written.

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