Too Stupid Not To Share!!! Grambling Football Players Boycott Themselves!!!


Grambling college ball players seem to be demanding their right to lose!!!  This would be hysterically funny except for the massive stupidity. 

Grambling football team boycotts practice

On Tuesday, team members walked out on a meeting with the school’s president and athletic director, the Shreveport Times reports. The team is allegedly upset regarding the firing of coach Doug Williams last month and the school’s use of ground transportation, such as buses, to shuttle players to distant away games.

According to the paper, none of the players attended Wednesday’s practice session. ….

According to the Times, players walked out when Harvey called the team “soft” — something the student body president now calls a message of support that was misinterpreted.

“It was basically a munity,” a Times source said. “[The team] rode the bus all that way [to Indianapolis], and then come back and are disrespected like that. [The team] is standing together because they don’t know if anybody else is standing with them.”

Grambling has lost 17 consecutive games to NCAA teams.

“Every week we go against the opposing team, their fans, our ‘fans’ and our president,” linebacker Steve Orisakwe tweeted.

You bunch of whining, crying, loser sissies!  Are you kidding me?  You’re mad because they fired a loser coach?  Coaches are suppose to win.  I’m quite sure Doug Williams is a nice guy.  At least he seemed that way in all of the interviews I’ve seen him in.  A good ball player, too.  But, he lost.  The players lost for him.  If you wanted him to be your coach, you should have played better for him. 

You guys get to compete and play at a level very few of us even dream of playing.  You’re attending a fine university with a great history!  Again, you have an opportunity which isn’t granted to everyone.  So, you have to ride a bus.  Boo-hoo! 

I’m just a short and thin, old guy.  But, I’d give my right testicle to trade places with any one of you guys.  You have no idea what you have.  You don’t want to play for Ragsdale?  I do.  Coach, suit me up and put me in!  I can’t run very fast anymore.  And, I’m not the strongest on the field, but, I’ll play my hardest and do my best each and every time I’m out there!  I’ll practice and study and do everything in my power to make you and the team successful.  And, when someone better comes along, and if the team is successful, let me be the water boy! 

And, if I get to do that, I’ll get on my knees and thank God each and every day for the opportunity He’s given me. 

You guys have no idea.  Get your a$$es back in there, or give your uniform to someone who wants to be there.  I promise there is no shortage of people who do want to be in your place. 

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5 Responses to Too Stupid Not To Share!!! Grambling Football Players Boycott Themselves!!!

  1. play nice says:

    wow, girls football at Grambling

  2. squid2112 says:

    Welcome to the wussification of sports in America. This is why I quit watching football. I don’t even give a rats rump about football anymore, and I used to be a HUGE fan of both pro and college.

    I too would go out and play if given a chance. And even though I am a bit old, and getting older, I bet you I can kick the shit out of 80% of those wussies!

    • suyts says:

      No doubt! I’ve got a year or maybe two, and then I can start teaching my grandchildren how to play! How to throw a block, and how to tackle. I don’t believe that’s taught anymore.

  3. philjourdan says:

    Grambling was a great program at one time. How far they have fallen.

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