Sigh ….. San Fran Journo "Make Less So You Can Get Zerocare Subsidy!!!!"


Yes, this is exactly what we want to encourage Americans to do. 

Lower 2014 income can net huge health care subsidy

Under the Affordable Care Act, if your 2014 income is between 138 and 400 percent of poverty level for your household size, you can buy health insurance on a state-run exchange and get a federal tax subsidy. Photo: Uncredited, Associated Press

People whose 2014 income will be a little too high to get subsidized health insurance from Covered California next year should start thinking now about ways to lower it to increase their odds of getting the valuable tax subsidy.

“If they can adjust (their income), they should,” says Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow with the Kaiser Family Foundation. “It’s not cheating, it’s allowed.”

I don’t know, (sadly shaking head), maybe this is what we need.  Maybe we need this to demonstrate the stupidity of such laws.  They are designed to encourage less productivity, less upward mobility, and more poverty.  Why does America continue to punish people who are trying?  

(HT Zombie at PJ Media)/h/t Newsbusters

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8 Responses to Sigh ….. San Fran Journo "Make Less So You Can Get Zerocare Subsidy!!!!"

  1. Latitude says:

    so let me see…..the quality of health care the government is going to provide is based on how much money they bring in to support it..
    ..and from what I’ve seen…there’s only going to be two people left paying

    ….I can smell our taxes going up already

  2. PhilJourdan says:

    Obama – encouraging poverty since 2008.

  3. miked1947 says:

    From my experience with Medicare, They will use your income from 2011 to determine eligibility for 2014. Lowering their income for 2014 will determine their health care costs for 2017.

    • suyts says:

      LOL, it could be that the lunatics are giving bad advice, they usually do.

      • miked1947 says:

        I found out the hard way! Two years before I went on Medicare I withdrew money from my IRA. That was considered as part of my salary for the year and my Medicare costs were based on that sum for an entire year.

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