Satellite Sea Level Flashback!!!! 3 1/2 Years Of Dropping Sea Levels!!!

I notice Steve is posting about the goofy satellite sea levels.  He’s fantastic at finding old stuff!  I thought I’d add to the discussion. 

On new years eve, 2011 I wrote this post …..

Independent Corroboration of 3 1/2 Years Dropping Sea Levels!


You can’t see the labels very well, but, that was what the then last 3 1/2 years of Envisat, and Jason I data looked like from Aviso.  At the time, Jason II also showed a decline in sea level.

It’s funny.  Every time I go back to look something changes.  Today, you won’t find any Envisat data to reflect that (top line), Jason I seems to be going full circle, except now they just made up stuff to show an increase.  It’s laughable. 

Later in January of 2012, Envisat showed 6 full years of declining sea levels. 

6 Full Years of Dropping Sea Level!!

Well, you know climate alarmists couldn’t have that.  So they killed Jason I and Envisat.  Immediately after that, they fixed Envisat’s data, and then after over a year’s hiatus, Jason I is magically back on line, with imaginary data.  Here’s what it looks like now. 


It’s like they just gave up even trying to pretend.  It’s all so entirely believable.

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28 Responses to Satellite Sea Level Flashback!!!! 3 1/2 Years Of Dropping Sea Levels!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    I wish I could figure out a way to put all of our old posts…and Steve’s….together in one place

    …and then link and post the hell out of it everywhere!

  2. why would one need to in satellite, to monitor sea level; when so many people live on the beach – just put a stick in the mud

    • cdquarles says:

      The problem with that is that how do you know if the higher ‘water’ level is real (meaning did the sea rise or did the land sink). A related question is this. How do you ground truth a dynamic system, within the system, when you don’t have a fixed frame of reference?

  3. PhilJourdan says:

    The latest from Appell? Observations are based on models.

    Was he the imbecile that ate the cat throwup off the floor?

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  5. David Appell says:

    except now they just made up stuff to show an increase.

    You are a shameless liar.

    That’s right, James Sexton of Kansas (I’m closing in on you) is a liar.

    • Me says:

      So you are a stalker?

    • grumpydenier says:

      And you (generic term for socialist fuckwits) wonder why those of us with families and businesses prefer to use anonymity when trashing your idiot beliefs?

      • philjourdan says:

        While I do fear some crazies on the left (after all, every gun massacre in the past 20 years except 2 have been done by leftard crazies), I do not fear Appell. So he can google me till his heart is content!

        He won’t find much. I have been around since the early 80s (on the Internet and such). I learned long ago not to put private information on a public web.

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