NBC’s Brian Williams Validates Suyts!!!

NBC: Obamacare rollout ‘remains an area of ridicule’

From Townhall

Just listen to the first 10 seconds.  Or, if you want more affirmation of this administration’s utter incompetence, go ahead and watch the rest of it.

“If it weren’t for the shutdown dominating the news, we admittedly would be hearing and covering a lot more about how things are going for these new health care exchanges, which were rolled out ten days ago,” Williams said. “Millions of uninsured Americans are being encouraged to go to healthcare.gov to sign up for coverage but it’s been a very rocky start.” … “By most accounts the website has been a complete mess, locking up, crashing and kicking off potential customers,” Costello said. “Of the 260 people who tried to sign up at this Miami clinic in the first week, only a single person got through.One, from 260 attempts,” applications counselor Cristina Marrero said, laughing.

Timing and planning is everything.  Had Repubs simply let Zero have his Zerocare, we almost certainly would have a bipartisan bill to delay Zerocare by now.  Outrage over this utter incompetence would have been heard around the world.

But, here we are.  Fighting a fight we absolutely knew statist Repubs would undermine.  Now we have Susan Collins and Lindsay Graham babbling their nonsense.

I actually wrote about this months ago, but, I’m not going to expend the energy to dig it up.  But, if they had just listened to me, or some of the other voices saying the same thing, then, it is entirely conceivable that we could be voting on a delay of Zerocare, and would be in a much stronger position in the debt ceiling discussion.  We wouldn’t be talking about if there are to be cuts, we would be discussion what we are cutting

I know some may consider this sour grapes, and, it may be a bit, but, I think it important to take stock of where we are and what got us here.  When we do this properly, the way forward becomes clearer. 

The option to allow Zero and Dems to own Zerocare is still available!  The debt limit fight is still entirely winnable.  But, we must address realities.  People like Collins and Graham, and NY’s King will not assist us.  They will actively work to undermine the efforts.  So, with this knowledge, we need to get ahead of them.  Don’t react, instead, act! 

Give Zero that mess!  Make like it is a grand gesture of good faith bargaining.  Insist on cutting out our senseless spending.  Make it a point to tell people why the debt ceiling exists and what is going to happen in the very near future if we don’t address it right now.  Clip the funding of Zero’s most anti-American polices.  Cut the military’s budget for persecuting Christians.  Force him to approve Keystone.  Get him to remove support for the terrorists in Syria.  Force him to stop other egregious abuses of public funds.  There are literally millions of options available.  To borrow from another fine blogger …… go, fight, win!!!!!!

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9 Responses to NBC’s Brian Williams Validates Suyts!!!

  1. Bruce says:

    I like the guy from New Jersey who works for a small company. The tale of woe when he tried to sign up on the New Jersey government site is a ghastly epic. Especially this bit:

    “Well, my options came back, and voila: According to the government, I’m not eligible for any private plans. I received a notice that my entire family is only eligible for Medicaid! I make a decent salary. I’m not eligible for a subsidy, let alone Medicaid.

    “This morning my wife received a call. Apparently, it was the exchange. She explained to them that we are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. The person on the phone told her, “That is what the system says you are eligible for. If you want, you can file an appeal.”

    File an appeal?! So she truthfully tells the exchange weenie that they aren’t Medicaid and gets told ‘the software says you’re Medicaid therefore you must be Medicaid’ and have to appeal the software’s decision, just so you can spend humungous money on a private plan. Oh joys.

  2. Latitude says:

    I’m 100% for passing implementing shoving it down everyone’s throat right now….

    …and sitting back and watching the fun

  3. DirkH says:

    Buiding a working site was mever the intent. Force the population to buy the product, then make it impossible for them to do so, then punish them, AND blame the political enemy for it.

    Crack has turned Soetoro’s brain into a psychotic weapon of mass destruction. A stupid person is the most dangerous person in the world.

  4. DirkH says:

    Obamacare website doesn’t work because of poor internet signals. Says an Obamacare helpline employee it seems. Yeah that’ll work. Next they’ll blame the natinal debt on a typo.

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