Your Intellectual Superiors

Sorry to borrow a term from a great site, but it fits here. 


Over and over again, when in discussions issues on the internet, people often link crap to “news” sites and other LSM pieces in support of their arguments.  But, when the lunatics don’t know basic geography, we know they don’t know anything. 

If you don’t know geography, you can’t know history.  If you can’t know geography or history, it’s impossible to properly context anything else. 

These people are imbeciles trying to parade as quasi-intellectuals.  They don’t know anything and are not to be taken seriously. 

h/t Twitchy

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6 Responses to Your Intellectual Superiors

  1. Bruce says:

    Have to have the correct attitude here. CNN is part of the politically enlightened media, unlike those traitorous Fox knuckle-draggers. So they must be right, Hong Kong really is in Brazil. Its only our imagination that they’re wrong. All you need to do Suyts is adjust your thinking and the food stamps will be in the mail.

    • suyts says:

      I think I see what you mean, Bruce! If I stand on my head and sort of think upsidedown and then twist my rational thinking a bit, then I can see it!!! Yes!!! I can see it!!! Hong Kong can be in Brazil!!!!! It can be!!!!

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Damn.. I thought Hong Kong was in Hawaii.

    • jimash1 says:

      That’s Singapore.
      Hong Kong used to be in South Carolina but they moved it due to climate change.
      That’s why its so hard to see it from here.

  3. philjourdan says:

    CNN is getting funnier than Comedy Central! I guess they could not win the left war (MSNBC had the lobotomy for that), they could not win the ratings war, so they are entering the comedy war.

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