I’ll Have To Get Back To You ….. Again. Zerocare Down Again!


Good heavens.  As a service to the blog readers here, I’ve been trying to put some actual figures and comparisons for some insurance from Zerocare.  But, it remains elusive because our idiot government people don’t know how to properly manage a website. 



After a long weekend of repairs, the Obamacare healthcare exchange website was ready for action…or not. On Monday night, Healthcare.gov was taken offline again to fix glitches. From 1 a.m. EDT, the Health and Human Services Department stated, the site would be offline for purposes of improving capacity. HHS did state that the site was better than it was before the weekend improvements, and said that it would be taken offline only during nonpeak hours.


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6 Responses to I’ll Have To Get Back To You ….. Again. Zerocare Down Again!

  1. Bruce says:

    Even if you get through AND you through some amazing luck manage to sign up, you’ve only just started:

    Data Glitches Probably Ruined Your Obamacare Application

    NBC is now <reporting that technical glitches in the software’s data collection has led to the corruption of much of the data entered by enrollees. As a result, one company found that only one out of every 100 applications has enough valid data to move forward in the enrollment process. This is a big problem, as it means that many people who think they’ve signed up for a plan actually have not

    This is proving to be an epic even in the very extensive annals of software development catastrophes.

  2. philjourdan says:

    A preview of your health care.

    Don’t require any emergency care – it will be down for service.

  3. tom0mason says:

    It only took them three years to put the software together but like alot of government software it has not been properly trial/tested to see if it could cope with large scale activation.
    More info –

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