What’s Going On In The SH?


Lunatics often say that the decrease in the ice in the NH far exceeds the small increase in the Southern Hemisphere.  Rarely do they think beyond that point. 

But, look at the anomaly graph below. 


There’s a couple of things we can see here. Yes, there was a slight incline in the trend from 79 through 2000.  For the critics and people incapable of seeing this obviousness, I’ll supply the graph and the tend through 2000.


Yes, a nice gentle upward slope.  But, what’s gone on since the new millennium? 


The ice gain has has significantly increased its rate. 

In the past, I’ve posited that something or some things still unknown to me, have changed circa 1998-2001 in climate considerations.  Well, not things that changed, there are many things which have changed, but, making attribution, thus far, remains unconvincing, in my mind.  Sun activity?  Maybe.  ENSO?  Sort of.  PDO?


AMO?  Maybe, but, other than the sun activity, we don’t know if these things are causes or effects. 

But, we know something did change which affected this …..


But, you know what we absolutely know didn’t change?  The increased rate of aCO2.  In fact, we’re gaining more quicker than we did prior.


I’m not ashamed to say I don’t know what drives our climate.  It isn’t that hard to say.  But, I’m pretty sure CO2 emissions do not.  They don’t appear relevant to much of anything. 

I liken CO2 to the earth as I would a water soluble vitamin to the human body, like vitamin C.  Yes, you need it, and it is very important to health.  But, once you exceed a certain limit, then nothing happens, you just pee out the excess.  

Source for ice graphs here.  WFT graphing tool here.  Data sources at WFT site at the “raw data” link. 

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9 Responses to What’s Going On In The SH?

  1. Latitude says:

    But, once you exceed a certain limit, …bingo

    At the one point in time where CO2 levels should have had the most/strongest effect….
    380-400 ppm
    ..temps stopped and went down…while CO2 levels continued to increase

    I know we all talk about CO2 saturation bands and that crap….but the bands are saturated already
    the only place left empty is the very small side bands that do nothing

  2. DirkH says:

    a) the IPCC climate scientists are ACTORS; not scientists. They are trained to APPEAR as scientists.
    b) I think the key flaw in the GCM’s is that they assume the atmosphere to be hydrostatic ( not expanding or contracting)
    c) No matter what the flaw, they were happy when they got a scary projection and stopped right there. CNN science. Model until you get the desired result.


  3. Doh says:

    Sounds like a silly question but what does the H in SH mean?

    • suyts says:

      Well, not really silly, unless you read the post. But, that is my error. Sometimes I forget to be explicit.
      SH = Southern Hemisphere and NH = Northern Hemisphere.

  4. cdquarles says:

    The things that drive our climate by definition are the things that drive weather. Sun, water. From those differential air pressure and water vapor content. From that wind.

    Sun affects us in several ways. One, via the Sun being a variable star. Two, via interaction of the solar and terrestrial magnetic fields. Three via both of those interacting with interstellar matter. We have variable solar spectra at the top of the atmosphere. That goes double at the surface.

    At the surface we have water. A condensing component. We also have carbon dioxide, ozone, oxides of nitrogen, oxides of sulfur, We have methane, ethane, and other hydrocarbons. We have the biosphere and its operations in and on all of the crust, the ocean, and the atmosphere. All of these things drive and are driven by energy flows.

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