Oh Fer Fks Sake!!!! Whining To Whitehouse.Gov Is Apparently Essential


When you go to Whitehouse.gov, you’ll see this first.


But, they’ve enough people staffed to put this up and beg for tales of woe. 


Which is pretty stupid if you ask me.  As soon as a verified tale of woe occurs and a specific arm of government is identified, the Repubs will move to fund that particular part of government. 

Again, here’s why we need budget negotiations and to curb our spending.  There’s absolutely no reason why team Zero is spending our money on this idiocy.  We’re in shut down mode and we have that?

h/t Twitchy

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12 Responses to Oh Fer Fks Sake!!!! Whining To Whitehouse.Gov Is Apparently Essential

  1. kim2ooo says:

    “How Has the Government Shutdown Affected You”?

    Well …. Mr. Nathanial Lubin, it’s caused me to rethink just what is “essential”, and what is not.
    It’s also taught me some pretty nasty verbiage at those, of us, … that used to be Democrats.

    I have learned; that the President, and his administration, will pad, National Park Service Rangers, in order to inflict “as much pain as possible”. THAT was a good trick to learn. OR the one about the funding of NIH – BUT you funded Big Bird – PBS – NPR – what’s up with that?

    I have learned exactly how Democrats react to adversity… BOY, DO I NOT WANT YOU GUYS ON THE FRONT LINES – LET ALONE, IN SYRIA.

    If I can be of more service to you – Because, now I know what you Democrats, The President, And his Administration thinks of me…………….. Just call!

  2. PhilJourdan says:

    Made my life easier.

  3. kim2ooo says:

    Give a listen…

    Established Republicans hate that the American people are standing with Mr, Cruz and Mr. Lee.

  4. Bruce says:

    Perhaps Whitehouse.gov is offline because Obama is busy trying to get an Obamacare website to sell him health insurance. I hear that dozens of people have now been successful! Congress have exempted themselves, so they’re ok. But did anyone think to exempt the President?

    It’d be lots of fun if the President was fined for not doing what his own legislation requires.

    • suyts says:

      Nah, Bruce, the one person to actually claim to be enrolled turned out to be a douchy liar. So, the search continues for someone who has actually bought the Zerocare insurance.

  5. tom0mason says:

    I saw this at Steve Goddards blog and feel that I must share it.
    The originator is Andy Oz and says:

    Stupidium – is a chemical element with symbol Duh and atomic number 9 and 3/4. Stupidium is an almost colourless and odourless alkaline earth, but it readily oxidizes on exposure to air, becoming baby shit brown in color. Dangerously unstable when combined with left wing radicals. All isotopes of Stupidium are highly unstable, with the most stable isotope being stupidium 18, which has a half-life of 40 years and decays into brain deadium gas. Because of such instability, stupidium is dull, with a tendency to rotate in circles.

  6. DirkH says:

    “Congress” is the new satan of the left obviously. Congress causes hunger, earthquakes, traffic jams, job losses and disease.

    I can’t really imagine what would happen in Germany if we had a chancellor blaming, say, the Bundesrat like that. I think we would get a motion of no confidence within a week.

    Chancellors or presidents who lose their mental faculties are very quickly dumped over here.

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