Ignore Those Idiots There’s No Such Rule. Lying POSs


Now the Feds are shutting down crap they’ve no business shutting down.  We covered this yesterday, but, now I think the Feds have taken this to the extreme stupid level. 

Obama Administration Forces Hundreds of Privately Funded Parks to Close Amid Shutdown

So now they’re just being vindictive and stupid. 

The Obama Administration is ordering hundreds of parks that sit on federal land to close amid the government shutdown — even though they don’t use any government funding. ….

A spokeswoman for the National Park Service told MyFoxDC that it is still federal land, and the rule is that if there’s no Congressional appropriation, no visitors are allowed.

That’s complete and total horse $hit.  I’ve never heard of such a rule and I don’t believe it exists in any legal fashion.  I don’t know how many miles of federally owned but, not maintained land I’ve walked on.  If there’s no appropriation?  THEN GET THE FCK OUT OF MY DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA!!!

Screw those idiots. 

He’s actually putting private sector people out of work because he’s a child.  What an a$$hole.  Can these people be any more infantile?  Do they have any more stompy feet fits they can throw?


This nation is being ran by a bunch of f’cking undisciplined children! 

h/t Kim

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3 Responses to Ignore Those Idiots There’s No Such Rule. Lying POSs

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    The governor of Wisconsin told them to take a hike.

  2. tom0mason says:

    “Mr President, what do you say to those that say you are behaving like a petulant spoiled kid?”
    “Am not so!”

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