WaPo Gets It Wrong Again But Not Like Breitbart Thinks


So Breitbart has an article up about a WaPo article. 


As the title indicates, Breitbart is making a commentary about the hypocrisy of the leftards.  While leftards bemoan vitriolic rhetoric, they engage in the most invective and disturbing rhetoric themselves.  The problem is, this WaPo article was pretty mild in this regard.  Sure, there was a reference to “lining them up and shooting them”, but that was from one of their typical low information readers.  Actually, there was some decent humor in it and it was pretty lighthearted.  Surely Breitbart knows they don’t have to look very hard for real invective and vitriol from leftards. 

Here’s the WaPo article.

9 ways to punish Congress for a shutdown

What would happen if the burger guy stopped flipping burgers? If the truck driver stopped driving trucks? If the teacher stopped teaching?

That’s right. They’d lose their jobs.

So what should be the fate of our 535 voting members of Congress, who are shutting down the government instead of doing the work we pay them a handsome $174,000 a year to do? Unable to craft a last-minute deal to stave off disaster, this Congress must be punished. Now.

The author then goes on to tell about how she elicited suggestions of what to do via social media.  And, that’s where the “shooting” came from.  But, there were other suggestions…..

“Eyes taped open to watch a 24-hour webinar on the life of freshwater, brain-eating parasites,” offered a D.C. lawyer.

And an especially merciless idea from a University of Maryland journalism professor: “Billy Joel concert at Boehner’s house, 24/7, starring Yanni, the Carpenters, New Kids on the Block, Seals & Crofts.”

But, then here is where the article actually falls off the rails ……

Lawmakers already know that most of us despise them. Just 10 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing — an all-time low, according to a CNN-ORC International poll released Monday.

This do-nothing Congress is set to become the least productive since we started measuring its productivity in 1948. Which is sad, because that’s the title the 112th Congress earned last year.

You see, most Americans have it entirely wrong about the job of congress.  Further, WaPo doesn’t understand what their polling metric really means. 

I’ll do the easy one first.  …… hmm, well, they’re both easy and both require some explanation. 

Throw the bums out!!!!  Except mine.

Over and over and over again, we see the first sentence expressed in various ways.  Yes, overall congress has a 10% approval rating.  But, over and over again, we see the same tired faces in congress.  Yes, the Tea party types have made some inroads to changing a few faces, but, for the most part nothing changes.  Why?  Well, because other than some TEA party types, no one really wants things to change.  And, while I’m being candid, I’d be guilty of the same.  While I don’t always agree with my congress critters, they do typically vote the way I want them to.  And, this is the problem with the TEA party types.  They only resonate where change would mean the least.  Sure, there are places where they can and do and will make significant changes.  Hopefully Senators Graham and McCain will soon understand this.  But, that’s just a couple of faces.  But, will they ever be able to rid us of the Pelosi types in congress?  No, not really.  Will they get rid of King in NY (R)?  Probably not.  Libertarians are the first to scream ‘throw all of them out’, but, they would elect Ron Paul for as long as he wanted to be there in what ever position he wanted to be in.  Americans hate Congress as a unit, but, they don’t hate their own congressmen and women, with few exceptions.  And, that’s why there’s such low “productivity” in Congress.

But, what’s Congresses job, anyway?

Well, there are many things congress is suppose to do.  But, doing something for the sake of doing something isn’t one of them. In fact, their default state should be in the state of rest, or inaction.  They should only act when there is a clear impetus to act.  And, this is the problem.  Most Americans do not understand this.

Right now, there is a clear impetus to act.  We need a budget of some sort.  We also need to understand that we can not just keep on accumulating massive debt.  We also have unparalleled waste and corruption rampant in the government and by the government.  Don’t believe me?  We just paid $100,000 for a freaking outhouse!!!!  So, the government shut down for a bit because congress can’t agree on what they should be doing.  But, this is the way it is suppose to work.  Your congressmen may not be doing their job, but, mine are! 

Shut it down and keep it shut down until someone comes to the table to have a dialogue.  There is absolutely nothing to gain by giving the President all that he wants.  It is only logical that each time we need to raise the debt limit that we find places to cut, until we don’t need to raise the debt limit any longer.  That’s the entire purpose of the debt limit ceiling!  A clean CR is a defacto capitulation on the debt limit.  But, we should be mindful that the congress critters representing the leftards are doing what their constituents want them to do, as well. 

It isn’t that congress isn’t doing their job.  It is that they’re doing their job, right now, that has caused this semi-shutdown.  It is because in the past, they didn’t do their jobs is why they’re forced to do their jobs now.   

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7 Responses to WaPo Gets It Wrong Again But Not Like Breitbart Thinks

  1. philjourdan says:

    I have stated from the outset that bad laws are worse than no laws, and “doing something” for the sake of doing something is worse than doing nothing. If you do not know what you are doing, don’t do it!

    And yes, MOST Americans say “except mine”. However, unlike you and the rest of your readers, I can honestly say I would throw all of mine out (2 senators and a rep) as they are worse than nothing! So there is no one in DC that I currently voted for.

    And finally, I wish they had left Seals and Crofts off that list. I will never again read WaPo for that slight!

    Well, I do not read it now. 😉

  2. play nice says:

    ” but, they don’t hate their own congressmen and women, with few exceptions.”

    well, I have Murray and Cantwell

    • suyts says:

      LOL!!! My condolences. Of course, I was speaking towards the majority of their constituents.

    • philjourdan says:

      I have been around about that with a one of your fellow Washingtonians. I concede your senators are worse than Mine (mine are just sock puppets for Obama – with only a single brain cell between them).

      But what about your rep?

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