Going To Have To Start Watching C-Span Again


I used to watch it most often, but, it can be awful boring, at times.  But, lately, there’s been some stuff on it!!!

From Twitchy….

David Freddoso @freddoso

C-Span caller: “Should I be prepared to go to a mental hospital? Bc I’m that scared!” Cut off w/o comment.

Adam Baldwin already pointed out the creepiest C-SPAN caller bar none, with one Obama cultist declaring it a “sin” to dislike President Obama. Tonight, Twitter has found another caller who might be trolling the C-SPAN host, or who perhaps genuinely fears an apocalyptic government shutdown, whatever that means.

I’m off to reconnoiter the pre-apocalypse situation and spot some likely places for protection from the impending doom.  I may take pictures for the “before and after” pics so people can remember the civilization we once knew!!! 

Yes, C-Span caller, you need to get help.  Hurry!!!!!

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3 Responses to Going To Have To Start Watching C-Span Again

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    When you have supposed learned people saying it is illegal to oppose Obama, what do you expect from the common sheep?

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