Hillary On Comedy Tour!!!!!


This is just a reminder that if you haven’t caught part of her act yet, you may be missing out on some profound hilarity!  

Hillary Clinton kicking off tour to restore trust in government

Mrs. Clinton said she was launching a series of speeches on foreign policy. And as part of those addresses, she planned to speak about the need to restore faith in government, Breitbart reported.


Okay, it may not be so funny, after all.   

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8 Responses to Hillary On Comedy Tour!!!!!

  1. Jim Asherman says:

    The best thing that Mrs. Clinton could do to restore faith in government would be to retire from
    the public sphere and pledge not to run for office.
    Personal aggrandizement and historic hat tricks are not reasons to elect a president.

  2. Latitude says:

    otherwise known as the “trust me” tour………..

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