Because Snowden And Canceled Putin Meeting — Gay Russian Olympians! And, Bonus Answers On AQ!!!!


Zero flying without the TOTUS, again!!!

I think by now, we all know why Zero doesn’t give many press conferences.  He’s simply too stupid to navigate without a script in front of him. 

Obama, was asked a question about Edward Snowden’s temporary asylum in Russia, the cancelled summit with Putin and the general failure to get along diplomatically with Russia.

So, …… Russian gay legislation and the Olympics!!! 

You can see his response to no one in particular here.

But, he really got going in his response to a question about the true strength of al Qaeda!

Jonathan Karl of ABC news asked this…..

Mr. President, you have said that core al Qaeda has been decimated, that its leaders are on the run. Now that we’ve seen this terror threat that has resulted in embassies closed throughout the Arab world, much of Africa, do you still believe that al Qaeda has been decimated?

For most rational people this would be a simple question.  Yes or no and perhaps an admission that previous statements were incorrect.  But, that’s not was Zero did.  Instead he talks about a speech he babbled back in May, and not what he was babbling during the reelection campaign.  And, he rationalized that the “core” al Qaeda has been decimated, but, that al Qaeda in general had “metastasized“.  He insists that they don’t have the operational capacity to fly planes into our building, but, they can drive explosive trucks into our buildings overseas.  See?  He says it’s entirely consistent to say this. 

You can see his 4 minute babbling about this here.  Towards the end, you can see and hear his babbling about a “sealed” indictment, as well. 

Is Zero the dumbest human on the planet?  Wait, scratch that, there were millions who voted for and elected this idiot ….. TWICE!!!!

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17 Responses to Because Snowden And Canceled Putin Meeting — Gay Russian Olympians! And, Bonus Answers On AQ!!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    Give the guy a break. It sounds like he wasn’t stoned. Grammatically, these where whole sentences. Did the secret service find his stash? Oh I know where he hides it. On the Golf course. You dig a hole, put the baggie in and cover it with a pot plant pot upside down, then you put the grass back on top. That’s why he’s always golfing.

  2. Bruce says:

    Snowden, Putin, the Winter Olympics and the cancelled summit are all conspiring to cause a certain theme to appear this week. Its rather fun.

  3. DirkH says:

    Now I watched his gay and lesbian athletes comment. He’s heterophobe! He implies that homosexuals are stronger than heterosexuals! Heterophobe! Discrimination!

  4. Latitude says:

    there is absolutely nothing going on up there…….

  5. DirkH says:

    I looked for the photo of his teleprompter helmet and found this site which collects his bloopers… and suggests he gets himself some teleprompter glasses…

  6. gator69 says:

    It is amazing how few people know the definition of ‘decimated’.

  7. PhilJourdan says:

    JC II – the sequel. I can see why Carter loves him.

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