Leftards Beclown Themselves Again ….. They Believe Anything Which Seems To Affirm Their Ideology


Or maybe the title should be “McDonalds’ Math From Kansas Embarrassment”. 

Have you heard about the fast food workers stupidity and an undergrad student from KU?  I haven’t written about this, mostly because just about everyone seems to be missing the point.  But, that’s the difference between leftards and critical thinkers.

So HuffPo and Think Progress and a bunch of other leftarded lunatics got hold of some under grad’s thoughts on the plight of fastfood workers.

Some doltish undergrad from the University of Kansas posited that they could double everyone’s wages and benefits, and only have to increase the price of a Big Mac by 68 cents. 

Turns out, it was entirely bullocks.  The pinhead forgot to factor in some things. 

Turns out, the lunatics didn’t bother to do any checking as to whether or not the undergrad’s calculations were proper or not.  To HuffPo’s credit, they’ve retracted and offered a clarification.  Not so much for TP.  But, these dumbasses didn’t even bother to do a remedial check into the status of the self-proclaimed researcher.  Not that it makes any difference.  Either his calculations are correct, or they aren’t.  Still if one is going to be a journalist and quote someone, and then define them as to their occupation, then take the time to make sure that’s at least right. 

But, so it is with leftards.  If it sounds like the garbage they believe, then they uncritically accept it.  That’s why they’re so invested in climate madness.

If you want to read a pretty good analytical rebut to that bit of stupidity this is a nice one here.   The author actually looked at the numbers and showed where the dumbass went wrong with his calculation.

He also mentions the fact that sales may be affected by the increase in pricing.  Duh. 

But, all of this madness misses the point.  The question isn’t whether or not McDonald’s can afford to increase the wages or how much they’d have to increase their prices.  THAT’S NOT THE QUESTION!!!!

The question is, how much is a McDonalds’ worker worth? 

What function or skill are the workers bringing to McDonalds which merits doubling their pay?  Should a person pushing a cash register be paid more than $30,000/yr?  A burger flipper?  And, if they warrant that much pay, how much pay does a stock boy merit?  And, if they merit that much, how much should we pay the person holding the “Stop and Go” signs at construction sites?  How much should a construction worker then be making?  And, what of computer jockeys?  Millers?  Steel fabricators?  A local policeman? 

Look, if WalMart is going to pay me $15/hr to say “Welcome to WalMart”, color me there!  I’d happily do that for less pay than actually having to apply some skill, knowledge, and effort for just a few bucks more.  That’s not a hard call.  But, then, many, many other people would see this and do this, as well. 

Wages aren’t defined by the employer’s ability to pay, they are defined by the value the workers bring to the job.  There are, of course, many other factors which go into wages, but, that’s the brass tacks. 

Working for someone is essentially a contract stating your willingness to work for what the employer is willing to pay.  The one and only time an employee should concern themselves with the “ability to pay” is when the worker is worried if the check is any good or not. 

Of course, this wouldn’t even be up for discussion if we didn’t have an over abundance of labor supply.  If we shortened the supply of unskilled laborers, then the workers could move to places which paid more for what they can bring to the table.  

h/t Dirk

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9 Responses to Leftards Beclown Themselves Again ….. They Believe Anything Which Seems To Affirm Their Ideology

  1. Moose says:

    In modern/first world/ western countries today most people have a choice in how to live their lives. The poor in India for example have little choice, they work hard and exert themselves or die of starvation or exposure.
    In the west we give the option to exert yourself and take responsibility for your own life, work, or just be lazy and do nothing, welfare.
    Given the choice, many people in the western countries such as the USA and UK will and do choose the welfare route. Why work when you can play for the same outcome. It is less fulfilling but no less rewarded.
    And that’s why we are crumbling.

  2. DirkH says:

    The left and economic arguments is always a source of fun.
    Today a guy at work called stock investors greedy for expecting a 10% profit per year. I explained to him that if he would be satisfied with 5% – being such a well-meaning non-greedy person -, that would just mean that he should be willing to pay twice as much money for any given stock than the “greedy” investors. So I suggested to him to rush right into the market.

  3. DirkH says:

    Bond bubble bursting.
    10 Year US Bond Yields up to 2.72% . even WITH more or less promised QE4ever!

  4. PhilJourdan says:

    I read the story just before reading your post. If they are liberals, they are going to beclown themselves. Dog bites man story.

  5. cdquarles says:

    Did that KU student actually *work* at McD’s? Did he have any idea about how much the food costs that must be spent (and covered by sales) before the grill-master can cook it? Did he have any idea about how much inventory gets ‘wasted’ because it is too old (and yes lots gets ‘wasted’ because of food safety and handling rules require it even though the food is edible but someone out there might get sick and blame McD’s)? Cripey.

    These nutters need to be educated in and by actually having to create (open) and run one and see who gets paid.

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