Cat Fight!!!!


I don’t know if you guys have kept up with this or not, so I’ll fill you in.  Bernanke is on his way out, probably at the first of the year.  So, there’s a lot of speculation as to who will replace him. 

Larry Summers seems to be the heir-apparent.  But, he’s not entirely popular with leftards, particularly, feminazis.  

So, HuffPo and other leftard outfits have championed Janet Yellen.  And, in accordance to leftardedness, because they want it soooo bad, they start to believe their own hype.  If you read a couple of their articles, you’d believe Yellen is all but a shoe-in. 

Oops!  Maybe not.

Larry Summers Gets ‘Full-Throated Defense’ From Obama In Capitol Hill Meeting, Lawmaker Says

During Wednesday’s meeting, one Democratic lawmaker, who requested anonymity, said the president became agitated and rose to Summers’ defense in response to Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.) walking up to the microphone and simply saying, “Larry Summers. Bad Choice.”

In paraphrasing Obama’s response, the lawmaker said the president replied, “Hey, don’t talk sh*t about him because he’s actually a pretty good guy. And then he said, ‘If somebody talked sh*t about you like that, I’d defend you too.”‘ (The lawmaker added that Obama didn’t use the expletive.) …..

The president’s irritation wasn’t just reserved for Perlmutter. According to two Democrats in the room, Obama also ripped The Huffington Post for making Summers, in the president’s words, “a progressive whipping boy.”

The Hill reported that Obama told Democrats “not to believe everything you read in the Huffington Post.”

…. Summers certainly has his critics. Some leading Democrats recently jumped on reports that Obama is leaning toward Summers for the Fed post, criticizing his role in the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall financial regulations and the 2000 deregulation of the derivatives market. Others have questioned Summers’ record with women.

Odd, all the other times deregulation comes up, it was always the evil Boooosh who did that……  weird.  Here’s something that tickled ……

“He didn’t talk about specific candidates,” Cardin said, “but he said the candidates that he’s interviewed, that they basically share the president’s vision of the importance of the Fed and moving forward in a balanced way with our economy.”

Seriously?  LOL!!!  What does Zero know about it?  At no time has he even expressed a comprehension of what the feds are doing, or how it relates to our economy.  Share what vision?  What have the feds done in any balanced way?  Interest rates are at zero and they’re printing like mad!  They’ve lined the pockets of the people underneath Bernanke’s helicopter and screwed the rest of America.  

To quote Zero in a recent statement, “That’s not a plan!!!”  What vision?  What balance?

As to whether or not it’s Summers or  Yellen, I don’t really see a difference.  What I’d really love to see is a Fed chairman, or woman, get up and announce to the American public that the Fed Bank is not a substitute for an economy.  That the absolute most a national bank can do is facilitate, and basically make sure they don’t impede growth.  They cannot create growth.  I’d love to see that, but, it won’t happen.

So now we have people bickering over ….. well, nothing.  There is no vision, there is no balance, and there is no distinguishing difference between Summers and Yellen.  Noise is all it is.  But, it’s funny to see Zero lash out with criticism typically reserved for conservative news outlets. 

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7 Responses to Cat Fight!!!!

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    The more incompetent the next one is, the better. They will destroy things faster, and have no clue how to fix it. Then maybe the adults can step in and do something.

  2. miked1947 says:

    Is a Full Throated Defense similar to a Deep Throated defense!

  3. DirkH says:

    It doesn’t matter who becomes Bernanke’s replacement. There is no way out for the US anyway. Markets are completely manipulated via POMO. Discontinuing QE leads to a panic. Continuing it leads to inflation and collateral shortage. Foreigners are already fleeing from the US treasury market like there’s no tomorrow. Nobody buys the GDP lie.

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