Letards Beclowning Themselves Again!


imageArianna Huffington @ariannahuff

Obama: Trayvon “could have been me.” True, and so could many still behind bars for drug possession

Oh, oh!!!  Arianna Tweets a Tweet which requires someone think for themselves! 

Could this be

a) An indictment of Zero and his past criminal chronic drug use? Or

b) A statement that the criminalizing of drug use is too harsh?

I’m just not sure!  This is a rare opportunity to watch leftards in the wild!  Quietly now, we don’t want to scatter the herd, let’s see the reaction………

GiGi @GinaMontana_

@ariannahuff wait WHAT?


@ariannahuff Your statement criminalizes Obama: his point,legions of Black people identify with the #Trayvon plight. Restate!—
Coy Murchison (@CoyMurchison) July 19, 2013


GiGi @GinaMontana_

@CoyMurchison @ariannahuff I can’t believe she said that.



@ariannahuff f[edited]ck you lady


What?  How can this be?  Our leftarded heroine has turned?  Oh, this is too much to bear!!!  Wait, let’s see if we can find an interpretation ……

HulkShare.com @HulkShare

@ButIDntNoKarate @ariannahuff lol i think she’s on your side! and she’s right. #legalizeit

Wew!!!  Hulkshare comes to the defense of Arianna!!  Let’s see if that’s enough to placate the masses.


@HulkShare @ariannahuff oh I mis read how she wrote it your ok in my book lady


Carl Poole @tigerpoo75

@ButIDntNoKarate I did the same thing a first…


Well, we see that they still have to have people thinking for them.  Rolling on the floor laughing

Of course, had I written something like that, I’d be a no good hater, racist, white supremacist, radically religious, xenophobic, bad guy who hates cats!  A lot!  But, because it’s Arianna, and she’s “on their side”, (because, we must have sides), then, it’s okay. 

h/t Dirk and Twitchy

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7 Responses to Letards Beclowning Themselves Again!

  1. DirkH says:

    Blunts disturb friend-foe recognition.
    I think that’s the simplest explanation for most of the left’s idiocies. They’re the THC users. A lot of them are urbanites without a car, so they can stay stoned all day without wrecking their car constantly. Which explains the modern megacity, and Berlin. And most of twitter.

    Twitter is really great to watch their brains ticking, you’re right.

  2. PhilJourdan says:

    “she’s on your side stupid!”

    “oh, OK, Obama is a criminal and that is ok”

    Yea, they are more fun than a Marx brother movie.

  3. cdquarles says:

    I am one who agrees that simple possession should not be a crime, let alone a felony crime. Intoxication, though, is another story, particularly public intoxication. That’s the point where laws should come to bear. Blood screen for D&D makes sense; but keep in mind not everyone who appears to be D&D will have a positive screen. There are metabolic disorders that look like you are D&D, when you are not (delirium is one such case and acid-base disturbances can make you be demented).

    • DirkH says:

      Germany tolerates posession of small amounts of weed and maybe other not quite so awful drugs, nevertheless, problems are:
      – Incapability of driving or using machines even several days after the last blunt (flashbacks, sudden failure of 3D perception)
      with the not-quite-so-awful of the synthetic drugs:
      – what stuff is in there exactly? What the dealer says?
      – how many tiny holes in the brain does it really make?
      – do I get a refund when I’m institutionalized?

      As long as a drug user signs a paper agreeing that he will never drive a car or posess any kind of pointy object I’m fine with people experimenting with their brains.

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