Meanwhile, Back At The Climate Ranch……. Cherry Picking..



Steve McIntyre has entered into an interesting diversion than to what he typically writes about. 

But, much of it revolves around a common false meme of the nutters.  They claim that the people pointing to absence of warming in the nutters own temperature metrics are cherry-picking the time frame and that if one diverges from the time frame we’ll not see any absence of warming.  Of course, this is a lie.


Only one of those years can even demonstrate slight warming, and would still be considered a complete slowdown and near absence of warming. 

But, maybe we don’t like the data set?  Even after illogically revising their data set, we still see an absence of rise, indeed a decrease of the nutters’ own metrics.


Clearly these aren’t just two points which are “cherry picked”. 

Insisting on the American version of insanity?  Okay…..


Want the other satellite data set?  Okay….


The fact is you have to work hard to cherry pick the dates to show recent warming. 

Meanwhile, the modelers still can’t figure out why they can’t model our climate…..

One of the most obvious reasons is because these graphs are meaningless to the energy budget of the globe!  It gives equal value to raising or lowering temperature regardless of what point on the globe this occurs.  They’re trying to fit a linear graph to something which isn’t linear.  Duh!!! 

It’s a bit like trying to model an outcome of fitting square pegs into round holes.  It’s hilariously stupid. 

Even funnier, lately, is that some of the nutters are now saying these graphs don’t count anymore.  Even though these are the very same metrics they used to wet themselves with.  If they don’t reflect the energy budget today, then they never did.  It’s an admittance that they never knew wtf they were babbling about in the first place.  Just like skeptics said so many years ago. 

They’ve taken cherry picking to new heights!!!!


The graph above supposedly held great meaning.  It counts!!!!


This one?  Not so much.  The children called “No Counts”!!!!  Like I used to do when I was about 6 y/o.  How stupid is that?  When will this clown act end?

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8 Responses to Meanwhile, Back At The Climate Ranch……. Cherry Picking..

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    some of the nutters are now saying these graphs don’t count anymore.

    That would be your very own imbecile. Who claims he does not understand graphs.

  2. copernicus34 says:

    OT Zimmmerman free

  3. Temperatures are rising because of rising levels of CO2

    Do you believe CO2 can cause volcanic eruptions or El Ninos?

    There were 2 “pulse” events in 1990s, mount pinatubo eruption which depresssed temperatures
    The unusually strong El Nino which raised temperatures.

    I suggest any reasonable person wanting to look for effect of CO2 on temperatures would remove the years following these events. Not to do so is a sort of reverse cherry picking – leaving in data which is known to be affected by a stronger effect than CO2 (not hard as CO2 doesn’t have much effect)

    Using RSS data from woodfortrees I find the following slopes in C/year

    1990-200 0.0145
    1990-200 0.0082 (excluding years 1992 and 1998)


    from 2000 0.0001
    to 1990 0.0004

    This clearly suggests there is a cyclic signal in temperature data

    How does CO2 do that?

    This is not a new observation – for example

  4. Lars P. says:

    Thanks for the cherries James!! I enjoyed those (and a basket of cherries too).
    Even GISSTEMP with all the hard work adjustments does not manage to warm it.

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