Gems on the Sword — The Trust Test — July 1


Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

The Trust Test July 1

Scripture Selection: Psalm 30:6; Proverbs 1:32; Luke 12:15-21, 34

Food for Thought: Luke 12:15

Everyone says God is first in their lives, but is it really true? How can you test your heart to see if your trust is in the Lord or in your money? It’s worth contemplating because the Bible calls fools those who put their hope in their wealth (and we certainly wouldn’t want to be fools in God’s eyes!).

One way to check is to take note of your “give-ability.” Are you a habitual giver? What are your limits to giving? How much is too much? I know of people who have literally given away their homes, cars, and even the jewelry they were wearing, because they felt God telling them to do so. Would you be willing to release those things if God tells you to?

Another way to know what your heart is dedicated to is to check how much time and energy is devoted to piling up your money. How much time is spent thinking about it? Does it consume every waking (and sleeping) moment of the day? If so, you are serving money and trusting in it as opposed to serving the Lord with your time, energy, and finances. The Bible calls that foolish because God is eternal, and money is temporal. Take the “Trust Test” today; it’s the wise thing to do.

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