Biden Displays Ignorance And Unbelievable Callousness


Biden: ‘President and I’ Saved Economy

Oh, yeh, you sure fixed it, all right. 

“With virtually zero support from the Republicans, the president and I have moved the country from the worst recession since the Great Depression to 38 months of private-sector growth,” said Biden.

I don’t expect Biden to know this because he’s a complete imbecile, but private-sector growth is only an indicator, and very dependent upon how much growth.  But, let’s take a look at some other indicators about how tweedledumb and tweedledumber fixed stuff.

First, let’s look at our employable population growth……..


We’ve gained about 10 million people since 2009.  Let’s see how many went to work…….


Oh, about none of them. 


This results in a couple of things……..



This is crap!  We haven’t even gotten to 2006 levels!  Which by now, had there ever been a recovery, we should be off the chart!  But, this doesn’t even tell the whole story.  Here’s a better picture of these two jackasses proclaiming victory over our economy.


source  Numbers are in thousands. 

This is as appalling as it is shocking.   Over 18 million more people have been forced to take foodstamps since Zero has taken office. 

I extrapolated 8 years on the first 4 years B.Z. (Before Zero) to give people an idea of how many with the population growth we should be having if there were a return to normalcy.  And I extrapolated forward 4 years from 2012 to show where we’re headed with these dumbasses saving our economy.

Forcing people on assistance isn’t something to brag about.  It’s something to be ashamed of and work towards really fixing something. 

This administration’s legacy will be chronic joblessness, forced assistance, and stagnant GDP.  They have done nothing but spread misery and assault the individual liberties of the people of this nation.   

For Biden to utter nonsense about fixing an economy simply demonstrates this administration’s disconnect from reality and their indifference to the suffering of millions of Americans, flailing under the weight of their incompetence. 

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5 Responses to Biden Displays Ignorance And Unbelievable Callousness

  1. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Do most of O’s and Joe’s fans even know what a private sector is? And/or care? I’m sure they like the Republican-hate part, though.

  2. philjourdan says:

    #1 it was not the worse
    #2 there has been no growth. Except in the stock market where the feds have pumped almost $3t into it.

    I wonder if our imbecile is the same one as Obama’s? Naw! Imbeciles are a dime a dozen in liberal land.

  3. DirkH says:

    You know what – I knew that GDP/ capita in the US is about 10k higher than in Germany (we are more socialist). And I knew this for “PPP” Dollars from the CIA world factbook.

    So I always thought that in the US a PPP Dollar is equivalent to a nominal USD; now I see at your source that even in the US 40,000 USD === 50,000 PPP Dollar. Is that a hedonic adjustment? One USD buys 1.20 USD’s worth of goods in the US or what?

    • cdquarles says:

      I think it means that if you equalized the purchasing power of every form of currency, the USD buys 1.2X the ‘average’. I might be wrong.

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