LOL!!!! Guardian Goes Redundant!


Climate activists join anti-capitalists in Canary Wharf’s biggest protest

One of London‘s key financial districts saw its biggest ever protest on Friday as an estimated 200 people occupied Canary Wharf to protest against public spending cuts and lack of action against climate change.

Among the protesters were pensioners, children, people with disabilities, a brass band, musicians and a range of groups including Fuel Poverty Action, Disabled People Against Cuts, the Greater London Pensioners Association, No Dash for Gas and UK Uncut.

A spokeswoman for the event said: “We picked Canary Wharf because it’s a symbol of out-of-control neoliberal capitalism. It’s completely private property where protests have been outlawed. We’ve come here because we want to pull together anti-capitalist, climate and anti-austerity struggles.”

Oh my, all of that 200 protested.  Nutters.  Occupying people, anti-capitalists and climate nutters, they’re all in the same.  They’ve given up the pretense of distinguishing themselves, the Guardian may as well, too. 

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10 Responses to LOL!!!! Guardian Goes Redundant!

  1. DirkH says:

    “They owe us”

    A Bath.

  2. philjourdan says:

    From the list you gave, it looks like only 2 people per organization showed up.

  3. tckev says:

    With about 218,528* unemployed in London I kind of think 200 on a protest is a non event. And how logically can you have ‘Fuel Poverty Action’, and, ‘No Dash for Gas’ in the same protest?


    • suyts says:

      Yeh, I thought that was funny…… 200? In London? It’s funny!

    • DirkH says:

      “And how logically can you have ‘Fuel Poverty Action’, and, ‘No Dash for Gas’ in the same protest?”

      Keynesian logic. Where you spend yourself wealthy. Transferred to warmism: If you want cheap energy for everyone, you have to first stop producing it. Similar to the Venezuelan toilet paper policy.

  4. the more money for ”green energy -> LESS money for pensions

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