Gems on the Sword — And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever — May 29


Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever May 29

Scripture Selection: Psalm 147:5, 12-15; Prov. 29:4, 14; Jude vs. 25

Food for Thought: Jude vs. 25

Let’s take time today to acknowledge and magnify our great and mighty Ruler and Lord. Not only is He King of Israel, but of all nations. His magnificent power is absolute and surrounds His people with divine protection. It is the Lord Who brings us stability; without Him our lives would be in utter chaos.

Unlike earthly rulers, He will not reign for just a time; His Kingdom has been established on earth through the throne of David and will never end. No other ruler in history—though it was the ambition of many—could boast of an unending reign. All glory, majesty, power, and authority belong to our Lord God, in the beginning, now, and forevermore.

Since every knee will eventually bow before Him, why not get a head start and make a lifestyle of bowing before Him and giving the Lord the honor He is due? He certainly is worthy!

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3 Responses to Gems on the Sword — And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever — May 29

  1. we will live with Him for ever more!
    thank you

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