Because Search Engines Are Hard!!!


The left never takes a day off from beclowning themselves, even on Memorial Day.

Repub Senator, Chuck Grassley Tweets this…….

ChuckGrassley @ChuckGrassley

Rain canceled my speech at Aplington cemetery to honor fallen military If interested go to my Facebook to read it


So, what does the left do?  Assume Grassley doesn’t know how to spell Arlington.  Tries to mock Grassley and even starts a hashtag.   

Ben Jacobs @benhjacobs

Someone needs to go to Facebook and tell us if @ChuckGrassley‘s profile is as amazing as his Twitter …


Slade Sohmer @SladeHV

As @PeebsY0 just pointed out, r & p are nowhere near each other. ‘Aplington’ takes work! @ChuckGrassley @benhjacobs @BrettLoGiurato


Byron Tau @ByronTau

Odd @ChuckGrassley tweet saying that rain has canceled Arlington Memorial Day celebrations. It’s sunny & 65°… …


southpaw @nycsouthpaw

It seems @ChuckGrassley won’t have a chance to speak at Aplington cemetery.


Of course, by a simple copy and past of Aplington, we see something like this comes up……


Which prompts this…….

erin mccann @mccanner

@DaveStroup Aplington is an actual place in Iowa.

So the leftist cynics are confronted with reality……..

Dave Stroup @DaveStroup

Correction. Aplington not a Grassley typo.


Brian Hyatt @bhy75

Hold up. Aplington is a real place. Just thought @ChuckGrassley was misspelling Arlington. Continue on, America.


Slade Sohmer @SladeHV

Owe @ChuckGrassley a nice big apology. You right, we wrong. Aplington cemetary or bust.


Slade Sohmer @SladeHV

@benhjacobs @PeebsY0 @ChuckGrassley @BrettLoGiurato Ohhhhhh. We’re all idiots.

Indeed, Slade, indeed.

h/t Twitchy

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9 Responses to Because Search Engines Are Hard!!!

  1. Scott says:

    I can’t believe these people apologized and admitted they were wrong…wow.


  2. Bruce says:

    I like Twitter. Whole regiments of progressive journos are learning the hard way to think before they type.

    Who knew Twitter would teach them such an important lesson which they somehow didn’t learn in 13 years of school and 3 years of college? And to think Twitter doesn’t even charge you tuition!

    Some of the twitter faceplants that Aussie journos of the left have made are true epics. Unfortunately I won’t link to them as the tweets I’m thinking of are more than a little beyond the pale. But Marieke Hardy and Catherine Deveny know what I mean.

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