And Why Wouldn’t The BBC Give A Radical Maniac Airtime?


Apparently, a few Brits are perplexed as to why the BBC would give a scumbag like Anjem Choudary some airtime.

Still, I see that some are delusional.

The faith and communities minister, Baroness Warsi, and the shadow defence secretary, Jim Murphy, have criticised the media for giving too much airtime to the radical cleric Anjem Choudary in the wake of the Woolwich attack.

Warsi, who is also a Foreign Office minister, said she felt “angry” about the airtime given to “one appalling man who represents nobody”.

She told Sky News on Thursday: “We all have a responsibility, including the media, not to give airtime to extremist voices – idiots and nutters who speak for no one but themselves.

“The heartening thing in the midst of all this tragedy is that the British Muslim community has, with a unified, unreserved voice, condemned the killing and pledged support for our armed forces.”

While it may be true that much of the Muslim community has condemned the killing, all one has to do is look at how many Twitter followers Choudary has to know he does speak for many people.

Choudary’s appearance on BBC2’s Newsnight on Thursday, which also drew fire from Murphy, who criticised the decision to give airtime to the the cleric, who is banned from entering France by the nation’s interior ministry.

“Banned from France but welcome on Newsnight,” he wrote on Twitter. “A mistake of the BBC to invite Anjem Choudary onto the telly tonight.”

On Newsnight the cleric refused to condemn the killing despite repeated requests by presenter Kirsty Wark.

He said he was “shocked” by the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby who was killed on Wednesday afternoon but pointedly refused to say he “abhorred” the attack.

Choudary, who has also appeared on a variety of news outlets since Wednesday’s killing, also told the programme that he he encountered one of the suspects, Michael Adebolajo, at a number of Islamist demonstrations.

Choudary, who was a leading figure in the now banned organisation al-Muhajiroun, is now the offical spokesman for Islam4UK.

Yes, as it turns out, he does speak for some. 

He is alleged to have been involved in the planned protest march in 2010 through Royal Wootton Bassett, the town where dead British soldiers were repatriated and has been accused of radicalising Adebolajo in the mid-2000s.

The BBC offered rationalizations as to why they’d have him on, but, I think we all know why.  The BBC is themselves, under a form of being radicalized.  They like many organizations of the media on both sides of the Atlantic, hate all things of traditional Western civilization and seek to transform Western society themselves.

You can read more here and here.

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9 Responses to And Why Wouldn’t The BBC Give A Radical Maniac Airtime?

  1. Latitude says:

    gee whiz…and they are all just fine with things like Christmas

  2. suyts says:

    Yes, tolerance isn’t extended to Christians.

  3. DaveG says:

    I am sick and tired and mad as hell, call a spade a spade.
    I sorry but radical measures are required for ALL Muslims immigrants even those born and converted in Britain/Canada/USA/Australia/Sweden/Germany/Spain……….. Round them up, pay them for their property and give them a one way ticket to middle east or Nigiran hell for all I care. The safety of too many innocent people are at risk, to satisfy the political correct crowd and politicians looking for votes (does it sound familiar?)
    PS – Since when did an overcrowded UK ever need more unskilled on the dole immigrants? = Since never!!!!

    • Latitude says:

      Dave, I think we’re all tired of taking down crosses…and replacing them with prayer rooms and foot baths…..

    • DirkH says:

      Your Labour voters obviously like it that way.

      • DirkH says:

        If you’re a Brit… sorry, I just assumed that, with no basis

        • DaveG says:

          Dirk no offense taken never a truer word was spoken: Your Labour voters obviously like it that way. And guess what it’s the Labour voters (Blue collar workers) that are most negatively affected by this wave of Muslim immigration they have taken over the working class districts, conducted rape gang-banging and other brutal horrors, and hating anything British except the welfare money and free housing. What a stupid world we live in!

          PS I am an expat happly living in Canada, but I still love whats left of England.

  4. DirkH says:

    And re the BBC; I’m a big fan of Kyle Bass, economist who predicted the problems of Japan, and the housing crisis before that. I recently found a video of him on a BBC programme. The interviewer was an arch socialist hag; Lordymine, the BBC has really gone off the deep end, as if warmism wasn’t enough for them.

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