Nine Continuous Years Of Global Meltdown!!!! Global Sea Ice!!!



Surprised smile  I know it’s terrible, right?  How is the earth going to survive?  Think of the dying albedo!!!!  Wait!!!!  I know this one!!!!  It’s a hotter ice!!!!!  That’s how we know the planet is still hotting up!!!  Quick to the cyanide capsules!!!  The horror of this is just too much to bear!!!! 

You see, the lack of lacking global sea ice is causing weather patterns….. or something.  And, most importantly, the unmelting of the sea ice is causing our oceans to turn into boiling vats of acid!!!! 

My grandchildren will never know what melting sea ice is!!!!  Rolling on the floor laughing

2013 is shaping up to perhaps pass the recent record of the most days above the median. 

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23 Responses to Nine Continuous Years Of Global Meltdown!!!! Global Sea Ice!!!

  1. dan says:

    32F and a heavy frost yesterday morning….but it was a warm frost

  2. leftinbrooklyn says:

    I think it’s come down to the battle between the scientist’s fear of their theory being a failure and weak-minded public’s fear of the theory being accurate. Mutually perpetuating.

  3. tckev says:

    Due to CO2 derived ennui the Arctic is now canceled.

  4. Latitude says:

    I gave up when they started that crap about hiding at the bottom of the ocean…and even though temps are falling…the heat is hiding and just waiting to pounce again
    get real…..half of their record is falling temps

  5. philjourdan says:

    They use fiction as fact. The Day After Tomorrow.

    (and for you old folks, you may remember The Day After, so if you want to be a real alarmist, you then tell everyone about The Day After The Day After Tomorrow).

  6. May 24, So.Maryland, I just built a fire in the furnace.I have a wood burning
    furnace.I put it in 29 years ago.By this time of year we would have been running AC
    for at least a week.I would rather build a fire.Fire wood is free.Well almost free.

  7. BTW Yesterday and today I picked 9 qts.of strawberrys.They love cool weather.

  8. HankH says:

    I have a theory about why alarmists fear melting so much. The images of this haunted them since childhood:

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