Damn…… OK Town Get Hit at least 37 Dead


Crews Search for Survivors After Deadly Tornado Hits Oklahoma

Apparently an elementary school got leveled.

A tornado at least a half mile-wide with 200mph winds churned through Oklahoma City’s suburbs Monday afternoon, causing significant property damage for the second day in a row, forcing rescue crews to search for survivors in the debris of flattened homes and businesses.

Oklahoma police told Fox News’ Casey Stegall, on the ground in Moore, Okla., that at least four people were killed at a 7-11 convenience store as the tornado carved through the area. Integris Southwest Medical center in Oklahoma City said it received 19 patients, seven of which were in critical condition, Reuters reports.

Join me in our thoughts and prayers for the people devastated by this storm. 

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13 Responses to Damn…… OK Town Get Hit at least 37 Dead

  1. rg says:

    Praying for Moore –

    • J Sue says:

      We can help Oklahoma in a very tangible way, in addition to our prayers: Operation Blessing, a ministry of CBN (go to CBN.org) hits the ground running and provides the victims everything they need (clean-up, reconstruction, food, clothing, you name it). They are very effective with every dollar sent to them. We saw their work up close when they helped relatives of ours after the Joplin tornado.

  2. PhilJourdan says:

    And the ghouls will dance on the graves of the children to use them in their PR.

  3. copernicus34 says:

    they calling this F4?

  4. HankH says:

    Tragic. They are in our prayers.

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