On Cue Huffpo Spews Demonstrably Untrue Hyperbole


This banal sophist dishonesty just never stops.  ‘Tis the season for tornadoes, so it’s time to wheel out the dishonest hyperbole per the season.  HuffPo starts with an obviously dishonest question. 

Is Climate Change Increasing Tornado Intensity?

So the question is how many times do they have to be shown this graph?  This isn’t a graph some skeptic invented.  This is something NOAA puts out every year! 



And every year the pinheads ask this question or simply assert that they’re getting worse. 

That’s dumb enough.  But, HuffPo isn’t satisfied by just one demonstration of their dishonest hyperbole agenda driven idiocy. 

While most climate scientists agree that global warming is driving record ……. and floods, intense hurricanes, ……

Really?  Most climate scientists do?  That’s funny because the total accumulated energy from the global cyclone activity is significantly down from the early 90s.  But, everyone should know this because we trot out this graphic every time they babble this inanity, just like we do the tornado graph. 


The rest of the article is predictable pontifications with qualifying statements which hold little meaning.  It’s just hyperbole to exploit the seasonal occurrences of tornadoes and the people who suffer from them.    

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5 Responses to On Cue Huffpo Spews Demonstrably Untrue Hyperbole

  1. HankH says:

    “Send in the Clowns… Don’t bother, they’re here.” Why is it I think of that song every time I read HuffPo science articles?

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