What?!?!?!?! IRS Asks Pro-Life Group About The Content Of Their Prayers!!!


Oh for…… if there was any question that the IRS was on a vendetta against US citizens, this removes any doubt.  And while engaging in persecution, it is shown to be not just of political persecution, but the IRS was engaged in religious persecution.  

Rep. Aaron Schock, reading from 150 page document from the Thomas Moore society which documents questions asked of pro-life groups by the IRS.  One from Iowa was told, “please detail the content of the members of your organizations prayers.”

Former Commish Miller isn’t sure that this would be illegal. 

This is a great example of people possessing both malevolence and abject stupidity.

Besides the egregious violation of religious freedom, as protected by our constitution, the religious persecutors were also incredibly stupid.  In general what would a pro-life group pray for?  Does one have to pray to be pro-life? 

You can watch the video at Breitbart……

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23 Responses to What?!?!?!?! IRS Asks Pro-Life Group About The Content Of Their Prayers!!!

  1. kim2ooo says:


  2. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Um, does ‘None of your fockin’ business’ qualify as detailed content?

  3. kim2ooo says:

    Here’s a play pretty.

  4. kim2ooo says:

    Obama will need a ton of Chap Stick………..after this week.

  5. DirkH says:

    The American electorate has elected themselves fascists, who knew?

  6. tckev says:

    Our prayer usually was –

    “Oh Lord grant this administration the responsibility for their actions, knowledge of their heinous inactions, and the wisdom to know that to make a difference takes courage. ”

    but some of us added –
    “And Lord, if you can see to it, please repeal ObamaCare, the EPA, and this IRS investigation.”


  7. Bruce says:

    In one word, thoughtcrime.

  8. DirkH says:

    Look here… in need of some deflection, Hillary Clinton has a hard-hitting talk about Climate Change with Harrison Ford.

    Now what’s interesting is her choice of words… they actually sound like she’s thinking a lot about the mess the administration is in…

    “”We are in a race against time,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Wednesday night, in an interview with actor Harrison Ford.

    “We still live in a state of denial,” Clinton suggested, regarding the future impacts of climate change. “We see it, we experience it, but we have a great deal of difficulty in summoning the political will … to address it.”

    Ford interviewed Clinton on challenges ranging from climate change to poaching as part of Conservation International’s annual New York Gala Dinner.

    Clinton focused specifically on small Pacific Island nations whose existences, she said, “are truly at stake.””

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      Clinton focused specifically on small Pacific Island nations whose existences, she said, “are truly at stake.””

      This came up a few days ago when one of our most left wing websites wanted to say the same thing.

      Then it was pointed out that Kiribati wasn’t actually sinking, it was getting bigger.
      With satellite pics to prove it. Pwned, completely.

      So the writer said wrong island, South Tarawa is really, really endangered.

      It too was growing not shrinking. Pwning #2.

      So the writer then said what about all the refugees from all the other islands who have been flocking to South Tarawa to escape the catastophically sinking outlying islands.

      Oops, seems like the reason why they’d been flocking to South Tarawa was that was where the jobs are. Pwning #3.

      Then it got even better. I’ll quote slightly shortened:

      Having conceded the islands are more likely to be growing than – as he’d claimed – sinking, Lagan now claims it does not actually matter. He insists he is still right for the following reasons (read and weep):

      – some of the extra land is “a stinking mass of reclaimed land” or sediment washed up against a causeway. So that land doesn’t count, apparently because the islanders would from principle rather drown than stand on it.

      – some of the extra land is sediment built up against “great heaps of armor from [WW2] lying in shallow waters”. Apparently this land doesn’t count either

      – true, while the islands so far are waving, not drowning, scientists think [it] could still happen one day. … Apparently a future prediction is the same as today’s reality

      – Lagan “spent time there” in Kiribati, and I didn’t.

      So spending time in a place which is not sinking and believing it is endangered in face of hard visual evidence is what Hillary thinks is an existential crisis…and she is one of the saner ones in the US Administration.

      No wonder the US is a mess at the moment.

      • PhilJourdan says:

        The new American – leave your brain at the door as long as you have money to give on the inside.

      • DirkH says:

        Hillary Clinton knows as much about islands as she knows about Serbian snipers.

        “whose existences, she said, “are truly at stake.”””

        WHOSE existences are at stake? SHe’s talking about herself…

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