Is Hansen Suffering From Dementia?


Sure, we’ve always like to make fun of Jimmy’s absurdities, but on his latest, he didn’t just spew nonsense, he spewed nonsense he should have known wasn’t true. 

Here he saysIn the last decade it’s warmed only about a tenth of a degrees as compared to about two tenths of a degree in the preceding decade.”

Okay, much has been made of this …. here’s the graph of the last decade, going back to Jan 2002.  


We can move the start date where we will, but, coming from 2003 it’s still a flat line.  This is by Jimmy’s own data.  But, that’s not the whole story.  He wasn’t just overselling the imaginary heating of the last decade, but he was underselling, according to his own data, the previous decade…..


Again, one can argue about the start date, but, if one moves it forward a year it’s a more significant increase. 

Either way, Jimmy is wrong on both cases….. according to his own data!  Is it that he’s just massively stupid?  Maybe he forgot and just spewed babbling bs?  That is common.  Or, maybe dementia has kicked in?  Time will tell.  If it has, then, I’m sorry for him. If it is just more of his serial dishonesty and history revisionism, then … well, you can take his babbling for what it’s worth. 

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8 Responses to Is Hansen Suffering From Dementia?

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    It is and was never a matter of data or reality. It has always been about supporting the new religion.

  2. Scott says:

    I’ve found that many of the AGWers tend to use the decadal average anomaly when the linear regression doesn’t fit their agenda. Was the 2000-09 average about 0.1 C warmer than the 1990-99 avg, and was that one about 0.2 C warmer than the 1980-89 avg?


  3. tckev says:

    84% of what Hansen said and wrote is inaccurate, the other 1/3 is just wrong.

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