Sea Level Update!!! No Updates!! Broken Satellite Remains Broken!



Back in December 2012, the powers that be updated Jason-2’s models.

  • new GDR-D orbit standards.
  • New corrections: MSS_CNES_CLS11, tide model: Got4.8

Which, of course, increased Jason II’s sea level measurements.  For those not familiar, all adjustments and improvements to climate data will always cause a decrease of distant past measurements while increasing present ones.  Be it temps or sea level.  The only exception to this rule is that all adjustments and improvements regarding ice will always increase distant past measurements while decreasing the ones nearer the present.

See here for HadCrut’s most recent iteration.  No adjustments after 1981 decreased.  What new information can we have that causes temps to increase in the 2000s?

Here we see after their last “improvements” they’re tired of sharing with us the sea level data.  Early February is the last we’ve heard from Jason II. 

Will they revive it?  And if they do, what are the odds that they’ll improve it more?

Flash back!  This Isn’t About The Climate

There you can see a random sets of data which demonstrates Soviet style history revisionism. 

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5 Responses to Sea Level Update!!! No Updates!! Broken Satellite Remains Broken!

  1. Bruce says:

    Estimated sea level rise by 2100: 5 inches

    Peer reviewed paper in the journal Environmental Science…

    Politicians in third world countries are born instinctively knowing that its easier to rig an election in the election computer than by stuffing a thousand ballot boxes.

    A single satellite dataset is easier to ‘correct’ and ‘adjust’ than a thousand long term tide gauge datasets.

  2. tckev says:

    More madness reported by Huffo and the BBC. (
    On the back of a report put out by Nature ( ) all the wildlife will die if temperatures rise by 4°C as predicted by the computer models! The BBC Weird Service has been reporting this twice an hour since about 7:00pm EST.

    Complete scaremongering!

    • Bruce says:

      Our ABC government broadcaster has just now picked it up for our lunchtime tv news. I got as far as the ‘published in Nature’, swore and turned the tv off mumbling to myself ‘another ****ing modelling study’. Climate Change(TM) is not doing anything good for my language self-control.

      Something is in the air. I think it goes by the initials AR5.

      • tckev says:

        I think you’re correct. Watch out for more gravy train sponsored reports coming as the big con report is unveiled.

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