More Dishonesty From Carney …… Talking Points Wrong In Only One Instance!!!

Good grief!!  I know he’s the press secretary, but, you just can’t mislead people like this.


“The talking points that got so much attention, and let’s remember these are talking points and not policy, to this day have shown to be wrong in only one instance – and, that was the existence of demonstrations proceeding the attack.”…… “Everything else about them is true, including the assertion that extremists might have been involved…”

Yes, the “talking points” is only shown to be wrong in one instance.  But, that’s only because of what it didn’t say.  Indeed, the talking points, themselves said very little.  Here is the last edited version of the talking points.


Yeh, that’s it! Over half of the text was dedicated to an entire fabrication.  And then said nothing else.  Well, it doesn’t appear that we’re working with the Libyan’s either, so maybe Carney’s dishonesty extends even beyond a lie of omission, in this case.  

For clarity, here is the first known version of the talking points…….


The only thing they kept was the lie about some idiotic protest. 

But, more than that, it isn’t the “talking points” which people are calling BS on, (other than the obvious lie about a demonstration)  it is the lies afterward, to the people, and to congress. 

Sure, they lied about a protest and we need to find out who insisted that lie be part of all of this.  But, we need to also address the video lie.  And why that man remains in jail….. with his records sealed. 

We were also told later that there were no “stand down” orders given, when testimony says that happened twice!!!  But, more to the point, we need to know why no one was sent to help. 

Which brings us to another lie.  We were told there were no units close enough to come to the aid of the people being attacked.  But, clearly there were.  They were told to stand down. 

We were also told no requests for additional security were denied, but, that lie fell away quickly.  Now we just need to know who denied these requests and why. 

Carney is still lying about who prepared these talking points.  He’s insisting they are of the CIA’s making when clearly they were not. 

It’s starting to be revealed, also, that the reason Steven’s was down there was a lie. 

They’ve also lied about the warnings of an attack. 

And, then there was the lie about holding the attackers accountable.  They’re roaming freely.  And Zero is doing nothing. 

We have lies on top of lies on top of lies in this. 

We also have some Dem operatives circulating a lie that there was no funding for additional security and that the evil Repubs cut the budget for such.  But, there was a couple of $billion left unused for additional security.  And, the 2012 budget included more funding available, not less

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18 Responses to More Dishonesty From Carney …… Talking Points Wrong In Only One Instance!!!

  1. Bruce says:

    The whole talking points kerfuffle is another layer of the defense-in-depth.

    The thing which is really dangerous is the second from bottom layer. Did General Ham resign because he was overruled by the Whitehouse when he gave the order to allow the Specter to support the Benghazi people and take out the laser painted mortar team?

    The problem of course is if the Specter had fired and “civilian” casualties had occurred the prospects of Obama’s re-election less than 2 months later would have dropped precipitously.

    The bottom layer is who did the overruling?

    This is speculation, but there are snippets of information around to support each step of this hypothesis. I hope it is not true, I really do.

  2. david says:

    “We were also told later that there were no “stand down” orders given, when testimony says that happened twice!!! ”

    Do we have confirmation yet on the two seals who dies with regard to their involment. Were they told to stand down, but went in anyway, saving so many lives? (Did one of the two stand down orders refer to them?

  3. philjourdan says:

    Only one problem with the talking points. They are complete lies. But other than that ONE thing, it is all true.

  4. kim2ooo says:

    Here’s Another Lie:

    “there was no substantive evidence Al Qaeda was tied to the Benghazi attacks before U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on Sunday talk shows on Sept. 16.”

  5. kim2ooo says:

    How about this lie:

    “White House spokesman Jay Carney said the IRS, which is conducting its own investigation, is a non-partisan entity and has only two political appointees.”

    If the IRS is non-partisan why did it target partisan groups?

  6. kim2ooo says:

    Mr Obama calling for the [ transparent ] secret meeting of press…might be one of his biggest mistakes.

  7. kim2ooo says:


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