Head Of Review Board Absolves Hillary — Who They Never Interviewed


This imbecile…..  Thomas Pickering, is defending Hillary.

From HuffPo….

“We knew where the responsibility rested,” Thomas Pickering, whose career spans four decades, said Sunday.

“They’ve tried to point a finger at people more senior than where we found the decisions were made,” Pickering said of Clinton’s critics.

You see, they knew already, so they didn’t feel the need to talk to the person who’s responsible for the State Dept. ….. Hillary Clinton.  Pickering said it wasn’t necessary to interview her

You know who else they didn’t interview?  Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Counterterrorism Mark ThompsonHe even asked to be interviewed.  But, the Review board didn’t.  Prolly because they already knew who was responsible. 

You know what else the Review Board didn’t do?  They didn’t use a stenographer. So there is no verbatim transcript of testimony from each witness.  Well, one wouldn’t be necessary if you already know who was responsible, right?

But, then, it was Hillary who put the review board together. 

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5 Responses to Head Of Review Board Absolves Hillary — Who They Never Interviewed

  1. Bruce says:

    Whitewashing seems to be getting easier.

    I think its because there are now so many sources of news and opinion that the sheer amount of information confuses ordinary voters. Who then have to fall back on their tribal allegiance and say to themselves ‘she/he is one of us therefore she/he can’t have lied about something so serious’.

    Rinse and repeat forever.

    In the old days when everyone read NYT and Wapo you could have a real effect from a Woodward and Bernstein scoop, because everyone read the same newspaper and didn’t have a thousand partisan alternatives filling up your brain with large sploshes of whitewash. Now there is too much static for anything to get through.

  2. philjourdan says:

    It seems to be vogue today to empanel a kangaroo court to “exonerate” the felons so the obedient sheep can then bleat about it in the media.

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