Global Sea Ice Update! Still Above The Mean!



And for those watching the Arctic ice thickness……


Here it was more than two weeks ago…..


While we can see extent loss at the peripheral, it looks to me like there’s been thickness gain just SW of the North Pole. 

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6 Responses to Global Sea Ice Update! Still Above The Mean!

  1. Bruce says:

    We are having a nice Autumn in eastern Oz, very pleasant. Which suggests the SH ice anomaly is dropping because temperatures are a little higher than they have been, relatively.

    It’s interesting because the sea surface temperatures off the coast of Ecuador look like la Nina territory (see the tongue of cold water stretching west from South America at the Equator – a classic la Nina sign, not the hot water ‘tongue’ which signifies an el Nino). When a la Nina happens the high pressure systems passing across Oz get pushed south to the latitude of Tasmania and bring on shore winds with moisture to the mainland. It doesn’t seem to be happening. Yet? I don’t know – the Indian Ocean Dipole has an effect, and I don’t know where it is sitting right now, and I can’t be bothered going to BoM’s website to look.

    Climate is still hard, even with all these nice graphics and charts…

    • Bruce says:

      I love all the names. Here’s what I read in order:

      Guy from NOAA
      Michael Mann
      Michael Oppenheimer (ex EDF)
      Another guy from NOAA
      Al Gore
      Michael Mann again, who is clearly not repeat not a public figure
      Gavin Schmidt

      My impression is Mr Borenstein thinks no one in the world has heard of Climategate.

      Shows you how few people in key positions are really needed to push a line, if it is an ideologically convenient one.

      No mention anywhere that the low 2XCO2 measured by NOAA’s own satellites means CO2 is harmless. Funny that.

  2. the shonks Climatologist are doing lots of damages to the surrounding ice around Antarctic, by ice crusher sips. They make corridors – the ruff water brakes the rest. in a hope that: less white ice to reflect the ”antarctic’s sunlight” small global warming, to get them out of trouble.

    Don’t tell them that: surface of the water has mirror effect and reflects more sunlight than white ice can

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