Benghazi — Joe Klein In Full Admin Defense Mode


This would be funny if the subject wasn’t so serious.  And, there is at least some concessions that the administration behaved badly, but Klein is offering some nice misdirection.

HuffPo picked this up from Time.

Benghazi Again

The Republicans, apparently with nothing better to do, are still chasing their tails over the tragic events in Benghazi on September 11.

Actually, no. That’s not true. They’re chasing their tails over what happened after the tragic events of September 11. They’re mostly concerned that the Obama Administration tried to cover up the fact that this was a terrorist attack by a local militia (translation: local street gang) which aspired toward bad-butt Al Qaeda status. This is a pretty hard sell since, the day after the attack, the President called it an “act of terror.”

Well, first of all, no, that’s not entirely true, Joe.  We’re concerned about the “before, during, and after”.  More specifically, why wasn’t any help coming?  Why were these men left to die?  Yes, the people are also interested in why the administration lied about it, and for the record, no, Zero did not specifically call Benghazi a terrorist attack the day after.  Klein continues with his attempts to deflect for the administration….

It does seem that the Administration’s talking points were massaged a bit after the President’s candor. This may have been attributable to the presidential campaign and the Administration’s desire to low-ball the Al Qaeda threat. If so, this was a venial, not a mortal, sin. It affected not one life. More likely, though, the wording was scrubbed as a result of the nature of the investigation going on at the time–it may have been deemed premature to announce that it was a pre-meditated act of terror. …..

If it was deemed so, it would have been for pure political purposes.  Anyone involved knew it was a terror attack, and this has come out by the statements of the whistle blowers who are testifying today.  Klein then demonstrates his ignorance…..

….. Who’s to blame  for  the lax security? This is the real substance of the case. Could it have been the Secretary of State? Undoubtedly, no. This sort of question is well below her pay grade. Could it have been the person in charge of embassy security issues? More likely, and that person resigned after the subsequent investigations…and even that might have been unfair for two reasons. Security was up to the Ambassador and Chris Stevens was well known for erring on the side of greater public access to U.S. facilities. Or, more plausibly, reason number two…

Right, because when Hillary signs something, it doesn’t mean she saw it…. or something.  And then Klein has the audacity to blame Stevens for the lax security.  There’s got to be a special place in hell for this egregious bit of deflection.  It is well known that the embassy had repeatedly asked/begged for more security.  Even the administration doesn’t deny this fact.  Indeed, that’s what Hillary signed.  A statement saying the request for extra security was denied.  But, Klein is going to lie to people about it.  Fortunately, he’s writing for Time being picked up by HuffPo, so there’ll be slightly more people reading Klein than this post. 

But, what good is a leftist smearing article without trying to lie about their political opponents?

Could it have been the Republicans who consistently voted against funds for increased embassy security? Hmmm…that makes their current carping seem awfully political, doesn’t it? Again, sins of politics are not mortal. But one does wonder why the Republicans tend to fix on issues like this, which are defined by their absence of substance. (I haven’t noticed the Republicans clamoring to spend more on embassy security–which would be a matter of substance, happily embraced by the Administration.But that would require a budget deal, which would give the President a win.)

So, now the question is …… Is Klein this oblivious and ignorant of the issues or is he simply being dishonest?  This issue has already been asked and answered.  There were $billions of unspent funds available for embassy security.  The embassy personnel even begged for security from the military which the funds would not have come from the State dept.  But, again, they were denied this request. 

Of course, Joe Klein isn’t the only one assisting in circling the wagons for this administration.  And given his flippant attitude towards this, one has to ask what the left deems news worthy anymore?  Four Americans were left to die.  The extra security denied the embassy certainly could have ensured the safety of all Americans.  The help that never came certainly could have saved the last two men who died in the lengthy attack.  The lies and cover-up destroys the moral of members of the State dept. as well as members of the military.  The US looks entirely impotent in international affairs.  We were promised that the people would be brought to justice, more than 7 months later and the leader of the group walks freely in Libya.  The loved ones of the ones who died in unreciprocated service to this nation were lied to.  The people of this nation were lied to. 

We deserve better than that.  At the very least dereliction of duty has occurred.  And to this day, no one is held accountable.  So, what exactly is worthy of proper attention?  If it isn’t four Americans left to die in some God forsaken land by our government, then nothing is.   

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76 Responses to Benghazi — Joe Klein In Full Admin Defense Mode

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    They have moved from “nothing” to a venial sin. By the time they wake up, it will be a mortal sin. If not to Obama, definitely to Hillary.

    My mind wanders to the devious and asks the question: Is Biden behind the leaks?

  2. grumpydenier says:

    I doubt they’ll have the balls to come visit but I’m going to pop this link into James Delingpole’s current thread. We have a shed load of Zero apologists over here and I’m keen to see if they will react with Americans on this.

    Benghazi stinks – but it won’t be Obama’s Watergate. Unfortunately

  3. grumpydenier says:

    I had it right. Our little troll made this comment;

    Why would posting there be any different from posting here apart from giving my private email address to your group of extremist pals?

    If you’d like to speak to him, he’s called trollboy (lol) and the comment is here;

  4. dan says:

    Maybe I’m just upset about our guys being murdered by stand-down orders:
    try this:
    Hicks has exposed FRAUD… there were F-16s 10 min out…there were armed predators in orbit 20 min out…gunships 60 min out…Benghazi Security forces PARTICIPATED to coverup heat seeking missiles in the compound supplied to Al-CIA-duh’Brotherhood’infiltrators
    Glad they’re on record so Hillary and the government mafia can’t disappear them or arrange ‘accidents’

    • suyts says:

      No doubt. It’s probably just us weirdos obsessing over Americans being left to die.

      • dan says:

        lol’s …weirdo is one of the nicer things to call me. Obsessive goes without saying!

      • david says:

        The truth is , and point number one, is not only were four Americans left to die, but OVER THIRTY were left to die, and would have if some young heros (those glorious seals) had not disobeyed orders. Obama left over thirty Americans to die, potentially and circumstanially evidenced, because he did not want any incident, right before the election, to demonstrate that Al Queda is more then a “small band of men” as he attempts to convey.

        As James said, the before, during and after is full of questions, and so far every answer is putting the democratic admin in a terrible light.
        BEFORE…So people want to know why they refused to increase security, and in fact decreased security despite requests, and probing terrorist incidences into the compound. (We now have Hilary’s signature on these orders) This part I do not get, and leads me to think that there may have been actions and goals occuring there which would put the Obama administration in a bad light.

        During,,, Who left thirty Americans to die, refusing any attempt at rescue? All indications are that this would have to come from the top. (Did Obama really go to sleep, simply telling the Sec of defense to do what he could?)

        AFTER…The lies, to the entire world, about the reason for the attack, and the attempt to parlay those lies into an apology for US free speech. People want to know why they knowingly and repeatedly lied to the American people about the cause. (Only a political idelogue would not want to know about these things.) And now we have evidence for obstruction of a congressional investigation, and a number of other potential charges.
        With a real media this would bring down the Obama administration, and despite that media, it still may.

  5. germy says:

    the saddest part of it is I was talking to a large group of people today and no one has heard anything about Benghazi. All I know is that is how liberty will die.With 95% of people having no clue.

  6. DirkH says:

    I’m coming more and more to the conclusion that all spell checker programs have an error; the real spelling is Al CIAda.

  7. ThePhDScientist says:

    Interesting how all the members of Suyts Space are absolutely up in arms about these 4 dead in Benghazi. They just can’t sleep this has been so terrible.

    How about those 30,000 per year who die by guns in the US? One of the highest gun death rates in the modern developed world! Who can we blame!?!

    • PhilJourdan says:

      Sorry popeye, we are up in arms about the cover up. 300 million Americans are up in arms about 4 deaths in Benghazi.

      You really need to get out more. Obama’s website is not a good source of information. So far, you have not documented a single allegation you made. While we have only to read the OFFICIAL congressional record to know tons more than you.

    • ThePhDScientist says:

      Actually the only thing 300 million Americans are up in arms about is the fact that Republicans squashed their plans to make sure everyone who buys a gun in America undergoes a background check!

      HAHAH you keep citing congressional record as if it’s the God’s honest truth and not political theater. Wasn’t it the congressional record that HIllary personally signed those cables and reviewed them? Even though we know it was worker bees in the state dept who added her signature…

      • suyts says:

        Ph, you realize that HuffPo really isn’t a credible source, right? You do know that Ariana does grind an axe. Right? You know this, right?

        No one signed jack crap except for Hillary. It was either stamped or signed. No one signs the name for someone else. And, it’s easily distinguished if it did. It’s a fallacious diversion from the truth. You know it, I know it, Phil knows it, the whole darn world knows it. And, once again, this administration is making the world laugh at us for it.

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          No actually that’s not true. Hillary never read these cables. You wish she did, but she didn’t. There were hundreds of thousands of cables during her tenure and the woman traveled more extensively than anyone else in the administration and now you want to claim she signed them all! LOL!

          How desperate are you?

        • philjourdan says:

          Another lie. What do we know about those cables and Hillary.

          #1 – She signed them
          #2 – NO ONE knows if she read them
          #3 – It is her job to read what she signs.

          Just another popeye fish tail.

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          Now Suyts is HuffPo more or less credible than Christian Broadcast Network. I mean in your(non?) scientific opinion!?!

        • philjourdan says:

          A lot more credible. You want to find a proven hoax they are reporting? You already found one that huffpo is reporting.

          Gee! I guess that makes them more credible than most of the MSM as well.

        • suyts says:

          LOL, yeh, I’d take whatever Christian something over HuffPo any day. But, more to the point, again, no one signed jack. There’s either a stamp or a signature. And a signature is easy.

          I do allow for the possibility that Hillary is entirely incompetent and can’t hire competent people to help her, though. So there is that.

          Hundreds of thousands…. Ph, how many nations do you believe are on this earth? How many embassies do you believe we have? How many requests require Hillary’s signature/stamp? Why are you so gullible when it comes to things you wish to believe?

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          Do you actually understand what a cable is? Do you have any idea about the document that she supposedly sign?

          See this is what happens when you let your ideology get ahead of the facts. You just go digging yourself a big hole…Take a little time to research this, before tarnishing whatever sort of reputation you think you have by buying into this faux conspiracy theory..

          Start with understanding how these cables work (hint today we call them emails) and how many were made during just Hilary’s term…

        • suyts says:

          Why don’t you take a minute and try to understand how things work in the government. If you don’t know, don’t be ashamed to say so. Not all of us have been cursed to have known. Quit believing everything you read in HuffPo. It doesn’t work that way.

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          And yeah when you foolishly believe things in the Christian Broadcast Network. Then you foolishly report things like two school girls were forced to ask for a lesbian kiss. Then you foolishly go on a bigoted anti-gay tirade. Foolish, foolish, foolish.

          That’s all the CBN has done for you….

        • suyts says:

          What? Can you stay on topic for once? And, could you bother to be correct for once? I never quoted CBN. Go back and check. And, this has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the administration’s or Hillary’s malfeasance.

        • philjourdan says:

          All huffpo as done for you is make you a liar and a fool.

          Where’s the apology there popeye? You were proven wrong. So where is the apology? Or are you just not smart enough to know what that multi-syllable word is?

        • philjourdan says:

          I know that popeye referenced a hoax at huffpo. A hoax that was revealed over 4 years ago. Yet he still went ahead and tried to prove his ignorance by using it as sourcing. And he has yet to apologize for it.

        • kim2ooo says:

          ThePhDScientist says:

          May 8, 2013 at 8:58 pm

          No actually that’s not true. Hillary never read these cables.

          Ha ha ha ha…. What a stupid excuse.


          Serves as the President’s principal adviser on U.S. foreign policy;

          Conducts negotiations relating to U.S. foreign affairs;

          Grants and issues passports to American citizens and exequaturs to foreign consuls in the United States;

          Advises the President on the appointment of U.S. ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and other diplomatic representatives;

          Advises the President regarding the acceptance, recall, and dismissal of the representatives of foreign governments;

          Personally participates in or directs U.S. representatives to international conferences, organizations, and agencies;

          Negotiates, interprets, and terminates treaties and agreements;

          Ensures the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries;

          Supervises the administration of U.S. immigration laws abroad;

          Provides information to American citizens regarding the political, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian conditions in foreign countries;

          Informs the Congress and American citizens on the conduct of U.S. foreign relations;
          Promotes beneficial economic intercourse between the United States and other countries;

          Administers the Department of State;

          Supervises the Foreign Service of the United States.

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          Umm your whole bigotry-filled “faggotry” tirade was based off of a faulty news story from the Christian Broadcast Network, which you linked to in your posting. Or did you forget?

        • PhilJourdan says:

          Actually, the only bigotry is yours. Also, that is a non sequitur. Since we are on that subject, when are you going to apologize for being hoaxed by a 4 year old story?

          your lying is only limited by your ignorance popeye.

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          Phil you never answered my question. You said the CBN does not exist. So is it a real news organization or do you, like me, believe the Christian Broadcast Network is merely a right wing propaganda machine and not a news network. Perhaps that’s what your silence on this issue is conveying?

        • PhilJourdan says:

          When are you going to apologize for being suckered in by a hoax?

          And I said the “Christian News Network” does not exist. Stop lying about your stupidity.

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          Clearly Suyts space members don’t believe facts. Only the conspiracy theory they want to believe. Hillary personally signed the hundreds of thousands of cables that went out during her tenure as SOS. Umm no, her signature was added by worker bees in the department…. No she’s not negligent in her duties. Do some research that isn’t in the republican conspiracy theory…

          Now onto the next Suyts space conspiracy theory. Boston bombing was an organized plot carried out by the Obama administration. Cukoo, cukoo….

        • PhilJourdan says:

          We believe facts. We do not believe stupid people that try to pass off hoaxes as facts. So when are you going to apologize for lying and being suckered in by a hoax popeye?

        • kim2ooo says:

          ThePhDScientist says:

          May 9, 2013 at 7:50 am

          Umm your whole bigotry-filled “faggotry” tirade was based off of a faulty news story from the Christian Broadcast Network, which you linked to in your posting. Or did you forget?

          Try to follow along…

          We understand your need to feel like the homosexual community NEEDS your protection…

          BUT we are on a different post now.

        • PhilJourdan says:

          With protection like him, they do not need margaret Sanger to euthanize them!

      • philjourdan says:

        No, you are projecting your own ignorance again on the population. most americans want CURRENT gun laws enforced. When you prosecute 44 cases out of 74,000, that is not enforcing current gun laws. Making more that will not be enforced will not change a thing.

        • kim2ooo says:

          Ohhh BUT we can’t enforce currant laws. Holder told us.

        • kim2ooo says:

          It might require this administration to actually WORK for THE PEOPLE.

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          No most Americans want universal background checks. They don’t want any unidentified criminal picking up a gun at a gun show without any sort of identification and background check. Is that really so hard for you to believe. It’s a fact. It’s common sense. Those who are against it are purely ideologically driven…

        • PhilJourdan says:

          No, that was a planted story to drum up support for a bill that failed. 96% of Americans (that is well over 300 million) are satisfied with the way things are.

        • kim2ooo says:

          ThePhDScientist says:

          May 9, 2013 at 7:51 am

          No most Americans want universal background checks. They don’t want any unidentified criminal picking up a gun at a gun show without any sort of identification and background check. Is that really so hard for you to believe. It’s a fact. It’s common sense. Those who are against it are purely ideologically driven…

          Show the STATS not a poll.

          Most of us want currant laws enforced – why are you against ENFORCEMENT?

      • kim2ooo says:

        ThePhDScientist says:

        May 8, 2013 at 8:43 pm

        Actually the only thing 300 million Americans are up in arms about is the fact that Republicans squashed their plans to make sure everyone who buys a gun in America undergoes a background check!

    • kim2ooo says:

      How about those 30,000 per year who die by guns in the US?

      You are full of it!

      Produce your evidence.

      THE FULL MURDER RATE FOR 2012 IN THE USA… was 14,748


      • ThePhDScientist says:

        Those weren’t murders I just listed but gun accidents…2 dead children, you better keep adding to that 14,748 number. Do you ever tell the whole story or just cherry pick your favorite facts?

        • kim2ooo says:

          Are you too stupid to breathe through your nose?

          YOU STATED:
          “How about those 30,000 per year who die by guns in the US?”

          THAT IS A LIE:

          Full Murder Rate = ALL MURDER IN 2012 IN THE USA

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          LOL Is murder the only way some dies by gun you idiot…LOL LOL LOL LOL

          I just listed two accidental shootings. Those aren’t considered murders dumbass! Get your head out of your big ass! Please…

        • PhilJourdan says:

          Are guns the only way people die you idiot? How many of Gosnell’s victims were shot? How many of the Boston victims were shot?

          perhaps if you actually had any knowledge, you would be able to communicate intelligently popeye.

        • kim2ooo says:

          GUN accident deaths are even less.
          Actually, in 2003 762 Americans of all ages died in gun accidents, according to the National Safety Council.

          2012 it was 606 accidental firearms deaths

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          Oh so you admit there are other ways that people “die by guns”…Don’t forget gun suicide. Which is huge in the US because of the ease with which you can get a gun. Far easier than obtaining a doctor’s appointment…

        • PhilJourdan says:

          There are people that die by car – ban all cars? There are people that die choking on hot dogs – ban all food?

          As you prove, there is no defense against stupid people. They remain stupid regardless of the wealth of education available.

        • kim2ooo says:

          SHOW US YOUR 30,000 per year accidental USA deaths………… stupid

        • ThePhDScientist says:

          oh my god who likely doesn’t exist you’re an f**ing idiot. For a middle aged man/woman/boy child you’re certainly slow on the uptake. Are you sure you’re not in your senior years? Add up accidents, suicides, and murders by gun = ~30,000 per year in US.

          For christ’s sake it’s not that hard!

        • PhilJourdan says:

          DEATH by GUNS (not murders) is less than half that. And you are talking to yourself (because you are still too stupid to learn how to reply properly).

          Facts – those things you have no clue on.

        • kim2ooo says:

          SHOW US YOUR STATS! It’s that simple stupid

        • PhilJourdan says:

          How many guns were used in Boston popeye?

    • kim2ooo says:

      So it doesn’t bother you that 4 died in Benghazi?

      • ThePhDScientist says:

        It doesn’t bother you that 2 children are dead by guns?

        • kim2ooo says:

          Ahhh TRY to follow along…stupid.

          THIS IS THE TITLE HERE: “Benghazi — Joe Klein In Full Admin Defense Mode”

        • PhilJourdan says:

          It bothers me that hundreds, if not thousands, are dead in a bloody room in Philadelphia.

      • ThePhDScientist says:

        Ahh try to follow along here stupid….The point is crazy conservatives only care about death when it has a political agenda attached to it.

        • kim2ooo says:


          You have been proven a liar, since your first day here.

        • PhilJourdan says:

          Really? Then why do you keep repeating the lie about Iraq? The morbid here is you popeye.

      • PhilJourdan says:

        It never does. As long as it is for the cause.

  8. ThePhDScientist says:

    RIGHT WING MANUFACTURED CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Certainly not in short supply round these parts, eh!?! 😉

    • kim2ooo says:


      • ThePhDScientist says:

        Why is this not a scandal, why does no one really care about it in the context of a scandal…Because it’s completely manufactured by Fox News. “If he lied” “If this happened” “If that happened”….That’s all we get from Fox is IF IF IF IF….But you dumb shits eat that up and that’s why they keep feeding it to you.

        • kim2ooo says:

          Sorry, WE KNOW Obama lied When he placed blame on some stupid Utube,

        • PhilJourdan says:

          It is only not a scandal in your mind. But then there is so little room for anything there, I doubt you can squeeze in any additional thought.

          not too bright, that is for sure popeye.

  9. ThePhDScientist says:

    Thank you Jon Stewart for bringing some sanity back to Benghazi and the crazy conspiracy theorists! And props for adding some comedy to it!!? Bwahahahahaha!

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