You Mad, Mz Stompy Feet? HuffPo Upset About Gun Law Defeat


I relish their tears. 


NRA Money, Power Responsible For Swayed Gun Control Vote

That darned representative democracy!!!!  Dang senate went and wrote rules they all have to follow!!!! 

It’s a laughingly delusional piece with things like this…..

For starters, the dollars and cents disparities are nothing short of staggering. The NRA and its allies in the firearms industries, along with the even more militant Gun Owners of America, have together poured nearly $81 million into House, Senate and presidential races since the 2000 election cycle,  according to federal disclosures and a Center for Responsive Politics analysis done for the Center for Public Integrity.

LOL!!!  $81 million since 2000?  That’s nothing.  Zero had a $billion for himself last election cycle.  Heck, Zero nearly doubled that 13 year record of donations in one month!

It wasn’t the money, that’s laughable.  It was the representative form of democracy we have.  Each state in the senate carries the same weight as any other state.  In the Senate, some bills require 60 votes (out of 100).  This is a rule they agreed upon when the Dems were in the minority.  Waaah!!!  It makes them a more deliberative body.  What I find funny is that the twits thought this might have stood a chance getting by the more conservative body, the House of Representatives.  Even if the bill got through the Senate, and it wouldn’t with the rules they have, it still didn’t stand a chance getting through the House.  As far as their imaginary 90% number….

……. polls showed that about 90 percent of Americans supported background checks for all gun purchases.

We know it is farcical.  But, it may have stood a better chance of getting passed if the lunatics would simplify the language.  You don’t need a 100s page long bill to say background checks are required.  I wouldn’t support it because of the inherent propensity to make a register of the people buying guns.  They can say it was disallowed all they want, but the way the bill was worded, one had to create a de facto register.  We may have been born at night, but just not last night.  The American people have been back-doored by congress so many times we’re like……. well you can finish the sentence yourself. 

So whine and cry away HuffPo and the rest of you totalitarian losers.  The facts are, study after study proves the more guns in the hands of honest citizens, the lower the crime and murder rates. 

Not that that would matter to people such as ourselves.  We know a shorter life with freedom is preferable to a longer life without it. 

Breitbart has a good take on this

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8 Responses to You Mad, Mz Stompy Feet? HuffPo Upset About Gun Law Defeat

  1. HankH says:

    Awhhhh, someone hand them a hankie so they can clean their snotty noses.

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Family of “Life Members”…. Yep!, that’s what we want our money spent on.

  3. philjourdan says:

    “This is a rule they agreed upon when the Dems were in the minority.” – Actually, no it was not. It was forced on the Senate by Robert KKK Byrd in 75 because the Democrats did not have 67 votes (the rule at the time). The 67 vote rule was instituted by the Senate in 1917 (Wilson’s war) as before that, one senator could block a vote, and Wilson wanted a war declaration.

    The Senate rules are ALL democrat rules. They made the bed. Now they have to lie in it.

    • cdquarles says:

      Let us not forget that back in those days, prior to the 16th or 17th ( I forget which one … but having the income tax and changing the Senate away from what it was supposed to be), Senators represented the several States, not the ‘people’.

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