I’m Not Going To Say It Again! Stop Telling People What To Think, Write, Or Say!!!!


What the heck?  Now I understand why some have left to strike out on their own.  Well, actually, I already knew.  But, this is beyond laughable and is now getting damned irritating. 

The fact is there should be an accounting.

Or, should we never mention the entire populations displaced and killed.  We also see this wasn’t an isolated event.  We see communities stripped of their belongings and their women raped, their homes burnt down, in a seemingly systematic war on the most helpless of populations.  And, we see that this has continued unabated in all parts of the world.  From forced sterilizations to murder, to depraved indifference to the destruction of humanity. 

We shouldn’t hold people accountable for these acts of atrocity because it isn’t helpful in our civil discourse?

I’ll tell you what isn’t helpful.  People that don’t highlight these crimes against humanity.  People who think we shouldn’t call a spade a spade simply because it might offend someone and we have a shouting match.  DAMNIT!!!!!  WE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE SHOUTING ANGRY AND MORE!!!

The deaths, the lives, the poverty, and not just in 3rd world nations, people in Britain froze to death because of the madness!!!

We got 15% of our population on foodstamps and the jackwagons are closing coal plants which provide jobs and cheap electricity!!!!  They are causing incalculable harm in this nation and to this nation’s people and the people around the world!!!  And you think , no, you insist, someone should apologize?

You don’t think these people should be held accountable?  That’s fine.  I’ll pursue Justice over civility any day of the week.  And so should you. 

I might not have written it like Delingpole, but, it needs stated.  And often.  In the meantime, quit telling people what they should be doing!

If there’s any apology needed.  It should come from us.  We’re the ones who know, and we weren’t loud enough, strong enough, good enough to stop this mass murdering machine we call climate alarmism. 

At least he’s calling attention to it.  What are we doing?  We’re worried about whether or not Revkin gets asked too many questions or not, or whether some idiot proclaiming the end of corals was right or not or whether or not the alarmists got their feelings hurt.  Stuff them. 

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12 Responses to I’m Not Going To Say It Again! Stop Telling People What To Think, Write, Or Say!!!!

  1. grumpydenier says:

    He certainly got our trolls frothing at the mouth. They’ve mostly disappeared now – gone to hug a tree somewhere, no doubt – so, after one of the quickest climbs to 1000 comments, a sense of calm has fallen over the Telegraph site.

  2. myrightpenguin says:

    Suyts, I think what we have seen here is a little difference in approach between people who like to attack bit by bit in a logical scientific data-driven manner and those seeing more urgency in going directly for the head of the snake. The are pros and cons with both approaches, and both approaches have an important place.

    I agree with you that we should not yield to liberal hypocrites, this is just symptomatic of the wider faux-p.c. fascism, which only applies to people that oppose their opinions as opposed to actually practising what they preach. No doubt the problem is compounded by the lamestream media, but I do sense that what Watts et al. may have been feeling is that there has been decent momentum gained recently from the recent Economist article, and probably more to unfurl by itself, as with Geoffrey Lean’s blog yesterday.

    • suyts says:

      myright, I agree, both approaches have a place. But, that should be recognized by Anthony. It is this multi-leveled approach which has gained us headway throughout the years. And, I just have a natural reflex when some get authoritarian towards other skeptics. It sort of put me in a mood.

  3. DaveG says:

    James Delingpole is a master wordsmith, a perfect foil for the alarmist rusty blades. Score = Realist 21 – Trolls 0. What fun!

  4. Alfred Alexander says:

    “closing coal mines’ the UMWA got what they voted for!
    These guys will vote Dem no matter what.
    Hey I was born in Oct.1936 I didn’t the Alf
    by mistake.

  5. copernicus34 says:

    It is soooooo very ironic that the clowns who apparently have no problem with marxist vile being leveled at lukewarmer’s and skeptics alike, get quiet when the shoe fits. remember NOW?, remember when they actually meant something?, until the day they threw Juanita Broderick under the bus when she dared to wrestle with our dear leader one Bill Clinton?

  6. Jim Masterson says:

    (What I call the dog poo yogurt fallacy).

    This is a great term from Delingpole. It describes leftists’ attempts to reconcile their nonsense with the real world.

    AGW was dog poo from the start.


  7. gator69 says:

    He who controls the language controls thought. I have been saying this for many years, and we just keep adopting the language of the left.

    I refuse to speak Newspeak.

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