Because Our Safety Isn’t Their Priority


Sen. Rand Paul Blasts Celebrities Over Gun Control Hypocrisy

It is always hypocrisy with these nutjobs.  The fact of the matter is they advocate this, not for safety, but so you can be vulnerable.   

Rand Paul calls them hypocrites.  I call them scumbags worthy of punishment.  This goes well beyond hypocrisy.  It is the intentional harm they wish on common people.  They can go to hell.  I’d be happy to send them there. 

We, the people, have choices to make.  We can ensure we can protect ourselves, or, we can trust the scumbags to protect us. 

Arm yourself.  Or, the fate of you and your children are on you. 

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3 Responses to Because Our Safety Isn’t Their Priority

  1. copernicus34 says:

    jim carrey has recently solidified the fact that I will no longer watch his work.

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