Is Jason II Dying? Looks Just Like Jason I Right Before Death!


Or are the nutters simply playing with the data points, again.

Regular readers will recall I used to give regular updates to our sea-level information.  But, our satellites died last year, except for Jason II which had obvious problems because of the constant revision of data points.  I haven’t bothered updating readers on Jason II’s sea level interpretations because of these continuing difficulties.  They were and are in my estimation, garbage.  Still, I’ve been watching.  Back in December, they messed with Jason II’s data, again. 

  • new GDR-D orbit standards.
  • New corrections: MSS_CNES_CLS11, tide model: Got4.8

This happened to occur immediately after this post.  They fixed it…. sort of. 

At any rate, this is what the data plotted looks like today. 


As per practice, this is with all the adjustment options removed.  This looks strikingly familiar. 


I’ll try to do a “close up” so the graphs have the same time span……


Jason II’s path looks a lot like Jason I’s.  It sure looks like a death march to me.  They haven’t updated Jason II since mid January.  But, I think it’s been malfunctioning well before that.  Or, it could be that they’re just fiddling with the data, again. 

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9 Responses to Is Jason II Dying? Looks Just Like Jason I Right Before Death!

  1. tckev says:

    IMO Somehow I think that tidal gauges might have noticed a near 1cm jump in sea level over 6 months. Or am I reading this wrong?

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