Gems on the Sword — Healthy Fear — March 16


Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

Healthy Fear March 16

Scripture Selection: Psalm 76:7, 11; Proverbs 16:6; I Peter 2:17

Food for Thought: Prov. 16:6

When you come right down to it, any time anybody sins—be it robbery, murder, or even a lie, for example—it’s because they do not fear the Lord (humbly revere and acknowledge His omnipotence) at that moment as they should. It is the reason people do what they do.

As for myself, any time I have felt distant from the Lord, I have noticed that the level of fear for Him had decreased, and doubt and pride had increased. It wasn’t He Who distanced Himself from me; rather, I had disregarded Him in some way or another. In this case, a good dose of fear is healthy!

The key to maintaining the fear of the Lord is to keep His Word and the understanding of Who He is before you constantly. Don’t allow the flesh or the world’s way any room to dominate in your life, regardless of how you feel. Spend time with your Lord talking with Him and reading His Word. Just being in His presence puts things into perspective and brings your mind, body, and spirit into a greater and healthier fear of the Lord.

Be sure today that the fear of the Lord remains in the foremost part of your heart and mind. It’s very healthy for you.

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4 Responses to Gems on the Sword — Healthy Fear — March 16

  1. Alfred Alexander says:

    Thank you!
    “Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
    that I might sin against Thee. Ps119:11


  2. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:

    • J Sue says:

      Thanks, Kim! Great to hear from ya!

      • kim2ooo says:

        Hiyas, Mrs. A.

        Thank you! 🙂

        On Feb 25th, ATT went down in a snow storm at my home. It [ service ] still hasn’t been repaired. Losing service cost me homework / research time.

        Because of the lost service from ATT, my big brother found this tower based new service. It provides CELL plus our regular phones – PLUS INTERNET…. WOOT!…. And for less money. We are “trying it out”…but I think we will be telling ATT Bye bye.

        I really enjoy these readings. Thank you!

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