For The Sake Of A Balance…… Idiot Zero Does It Again!!!



Damn, this man is unfathomably stupid. 

I guess the left got tired of the people pointing out that the Senate hasn’t come up with a budget and the prez hasn’t released a serious one…… ever!  So, they rolled up their sleeves and have, apparently, come up with two idiotic budget plans.  We haven’t seen the details, but, both have stated that they’re seeking a “balanced” approach.  In left speak, that’s taxes and imaginary spending cuts.

But, what they don’t do, is actually balance the budget.  Here’s what Zero had to say about it in an interview……

“Paul Ryan, today, put forward his budget,” says ABC, “and he says, he’s challenging you to come forward with a budget that also reaches balance. Are you going to do that?”

No,” Obama says. “My goal is not chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance.”

Sophist imbecile.  No one seeks a balanced budget for the sake of a balanced budget.  We all wish unicorns and money trees were real, but, as it turns out, they are not!

There is a limit to spending without paying for it.  And for those who don’t believe we’re not paying for some of it right now, let me show you something……..


2011 and 2012 haven’t been finalized, but those are pretty accurate, as well as 2013. 

This is the maintenance we have to pay on our debt.  See the drop at 2009 and 2010?  That’s because our economy went to crap!  The crappier the economy the lower the interest paid.  But, we’re at the bottom of the interest now.  It’s not going to get any lower.  This is just to maintain the debt!  This year we’re going to spend about $362 billion on maintaining our debt!  Or, over 4 times the amount of the sequester cuts!! 

You see that projection?  That’s if we actually get an economy that doesn’t suck.  But, if it does continue to suck and if we continue deficit spending, we’re still going to be spending $500 billion every year on our debt maintenance.  Next year, our interest payments will be equal to the amount of spending we do for welfare.  That’s next year!!!  By 2016, just 3 years from now it will be the 4th largest government expenditure behind pensions, health care, and defense.  If we don’t balance the budget, 4 years after that, we’ll be spending more on our interest than we will on defense, and likely become the nation’s largest expense.  This isn’t optional expenses.  It is something which must be paid in order to continue to finance the rest of government. 

I can’t stress the expediency needed to avoid this catastrophe.  The can can’t be kicked down the road much further.  There’s a piper at the end of the road and he’ll want paid. 

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15 Responses to For The Sake Of A Balance…… Idiot Zero Does It Again!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    is this the same guy that campaigned telling us that WE were irresponsible with OUR spending, savings, mortgages, credit cards….that if he was elected, he would straighten it all out

    At least the people clinging to their guns and religion have something to show for it

  2. Bruce says:

    I suspect the can can be kicked down the road for several years yet. Ben Bernanke is expert at finding new ways to keep the market from pushing bond yields up.

    Also he’s taken to buying Treasuries even before they are issued, which is so raw it makes horsemeat lasagna look good.

    • suyts says:

      I think the clock is ticking on that as well. China and Japan are now in the grips of the quantity bubble. It may have been different if the nations operated in seclusion, but the money didn’t. It got exchanged all over the world. The Dollar did, the Yuan did, the Yen did, and the Pound did. It will have a cascading effect.

  3. DaveG says:

    The Cliff approaches and so do the real hard times.
    I’m inventing a new word to describe the future: Doomation!

  4. HankH says:

    It is unfathomable that they can’t see the problem. Only a 180 turn and serious cuts in government size and spending will fix this.

    • suyts says:

      It’s coming very soon unless we get a handle on this madness and soon. But, you nailed it. It is the expanse of govt which drives this madness.

      Just as an example, the various climate watching organizations we have. I don’t remember how many exactly, but Steve had a post with about a dozen US govt. climate agencies. No one in govt can understand how it is that we don’t need 12 of these things. Eliminating redundancy alone would go a tremendous way towards fixing this crap. Even the big ones…… why are SS and medicare separate? Welfare and foodstamps? Medicaide? All of them overlap. They should all be under one umbrella or focus only on the intent of the program.

      • cdquarles says:

        For Social Security and Medicare, it is history; for Social Security came first. Functionally, Medicare is tied to Social Security. Medicaid is separate because it is a joint system, where Social Security and Medicare are not.

  5. PhilJourdan says:

    Naivete’ is the problem with most LoFo. They are still too stupid to realize that as soon as a politician promises to “help” someone, that person is doomed.

  6. daveburton says:

    You might be a Democrat if…

    If you don’t have a problem with the federal gov’t borrowing 40-45¢ of every dollar it spends, year after year, then you might be a Democrat.

    If you aren’t horrified that a quarter of American babies die by “choice,” then you might be a Democrat.

    If you don’t care that an ever-growing fraction of the American babies who do not die by choice are born out of wedlock, that it’s now at 40% overall, and over 50% for mothers under age 30, then you might be a Democrat.

    If you don’t mind that most children learn to curse before they learn to spell, you might be a Democrat.

    If you aren’t troubled that, as Joe Sobran noted, “in 100 years, we’ve gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching Remedial English in college,” you might be a Democrat.

    If you don’t care that the American “shining city on a hill” is collapsing into a pile of socialist rubble, then you must surely be a Democrat, if you are an American at all.

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