And Why Wouldn’t She Be The National Security Advisor?


Well, from a clueless and dysfunctional, yet intentionally deceptive group of lunatics, this is probably the obvious choice. 

Ambassador Susan Rice top contender to become next national security adviser

She either lied, or as she claimed, was clueless as to the events before, during, and after Benghazi for weeks.  She mostly blames a list of talking points she was given and then went off to spew them on national TV even when they were obviously false by anyone with an operating synapse. 

So, obviously, this would be Barry Zero’s pick for National Security Adviser. 

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11 Responses to And Why Wouldn’t She Be The National Security Advisor?

  1. Bruce says:

    As Paul Mirengoff says:

    That nomination would continue the trend of atrocious, in-your-face, leftist nominees that has characterized Obama’s second term.

    Except he’s talking about Thomas Perez. Which only proves the hypothesis that Obama is picking the most battlehardened warriors of the Marxist left he possibly can squeeze into the Whitehouse, which, after he succeeds, he’ll paint red.

  2. Me says:

    National Security Adviser TZAR!

  3. miked1947 says:

    I am going to throw this in here:
    Something I have been saying for a few years!

  4. philjourdan says:

    A tale of 2 Rices (or is that Rouses?). One a dolt – the other a super sharp tactician.

  5. Frank says:

    If Obama wants to have national security advisor who doesn’t acknolwedge the difference between a demonstration and a terrorist attack, that’s his privilege. He’s probably tired of four years of people telling him things he doesn’t want to know and deal with.

    However, Susan Rice is far more qualified by education and experience to be the National Security Advisor than the man who currently holds the post, Thomas Donilon. Susan Rice is a Rhodes Scholar, with a BA in history from Stanford, a PhD in international relations from Oxford and 30 years of experience in foreign affairs. Donilon is a lawyer/pol working the intersection of politics, lobbying and foreign affairs, with a stop as a Vice President at Fannie Mae during the development of the housing bubble (1999-2005). For all we know, Donilon may have been the one responsible for seeing that Rice was briefed with misleading information before her infamous Sunday talk shows. That mistake and her unwillingness to explain how and why she made it have appropriately cost her the opportunity to be Secretary of State. However, Obama knows far better than the rest of us about the quality and reliability of the advice he’ll get from Susan Rice as National Security Advisor. I’d be happy to see her lightweight political operative who currently holds the job, if Obama wants her. I doubt any new National Security Advisor will make Obama’s foreign policy more appealing to me, but she might make some things better.

    • suyts says:

      Frank, welcome! Thanks for the comment.

      While I don’t doubt her qualifications and experience, I can’t share your faith in her. Being better than horrible is not a job reference.

      I agree. Donilon is on his way out, and good riddance. But, even if Rice received her talking points from him, that doesn’t alleviate her from her primary responsibility, the people. It isn’t that I believe people can’t make mistakes and then get better from it, but as you not, by experience and education, she above all else should have known better, and I believe she did. She isn’t, nor could anyone be …. that stupid.

      But, that implies her willingness to get in front of the American people and spew absurdities which she should, by all reckoning, know are absurdities.

      The American people deserve better than that. The memory of our heritage deserve better than that. The future of our children deserve better than that.

      It is impossible for me to believe we can’t find someone who hasn’t demonstrated abject dishonesty, and yet holds qualifications for the job. Very soon, those days will be over.

    • DirkH says:

      “Susan Rice is a Rhodes Scholar”

      That explains her success.
      “The Rhodes fortune, through the Rhodes Scholarship Fund, has been used to promote the concept of globalism and one-world government. Up to 1953, out of 1,372 American Rhodes Scholars, 431 had positions in teaching and educational administration, 31 were college presidents, 113 had government positions, 70 held positions in the media, and 14 were executives in foundations.”

      Cecil Rhodes dedicated his fortune to the creation of a Secret Society with the purpose of expanding the British Empire across the globe. Here is his testament.

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