Words Which Just Irk The Heck Out Of Me!!!


Can any of my friends articulate why the words “organic” and “chemicals” should be stricken from most people’s vocabulary? 

I see advertisements and people advocating things which are “chemical free”.  I see people saying we should only eat “organic foods”.  I want to scream.  I want to cry.  How can words be bastardized so much?  This contributes to the forced ignorance of the population!  Stop this madness!!!

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14 Responses to Words Which Just Irk The Heck Out Of Me!!!

  1. Bruce says:

    “Snake oil” used to be marketed as a real valuable product. It only later became synonymous with fraud.

    “Organic” food is not quite there yet, but its getting there. Being charged 3 times as much for the same stuff you could be buying from the next shelf eventually raises certain questions.

    As for chemicals, well I find the fear of eating them doesn’t equate well with the remarkable enthusiasm for putting them up one’s nose. But if humans were easy to understand we’d all be rich or something.

  2. Alfred Alexander says:

    Organic It drives me nutzer! The guy next door said,”I just bought this new
    ‘organic’ potting soil and look my plants have grown two inches in one day.
    If he had read the label he would have seen how much chemical fertilzer was
    added. I want to say this,” all the food I eat is organic and chemical and mineral.
    And when I eat it in the garden,It has more minerals,I don’t wash it. My way of
    cooking corn on the cob,pull from plant,pull back husk,hold up to Sun and rotate
    three times, eat If I do put corn in a pot,it is only long enough to get it hot
    enough to melt the butter! /]”?!…

  3. Latitude says:

    I’m with Bruce, put them both together and you have organic chemistry….which in my case is trying to explain biology with neat little chemical formulas…and it’s 99% wrong
    But wait, it gets even better, we know it’s 99% wrong……and we still do it!
    …why, because it’s too hard to explain any other way…..people have to actually know something

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  5. tckev says:

    “By purchasing this organic product you are helping to build a sustainable, eco-friendly, future for the coming generations.”
    “Sustainable agriculture is the act of farming using principles of ecology.”
    “Sustainability of organic farming in a global food chain perspective. Agriculture and food systems, including organic agriculture, are undergoing a technological …”
    “…the organic, sustainable and natural food industries.”

    Such phases require that gun ownership is not reformed.

  6. cdquarles says:

    Amen, bro. A favorite pet peeve of mine is usage of artificial as if that’s something ‘unnatural = not occurring in nature’; of which humans are as much nature as the rest of it. Artificial = done by human arts. Noting unnatural about that. Acts of Satan are ‘unnatural’ :).

    The current state of schooling (education it is not), is that chemical = made by man, without thinking about what a human’s body is made of and what all biological organisms do in the natural world; which is all done by chemicals and chemical reactions. Everything ‘made by man’ is done by chemicals. Even old fashioned breeding is simply crude genetic engineering; and all of it is chemical and done by chemistry.

    Organic food indeed. A tautology and a fraud at the same time. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree. I know that all chemistry is subject to the laws of mass action. Thus, toxicity and pharmacological usefulness are both the results of dosage and route of administration. Have a ‘toxic’ problem? Dilute it out, below the threshold of adverse biological consequences and your ‘toxic’ problem is solved.

    Every chemical that a man can make, can also be made by the rest of nature. Every chemical made by the rest of nature can be made by man. No one knows how many chemicals make up a single biological organism, let alone all of the chemicals that exist on planet Earth.

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