More LapDog LSM —– Now Hates "Truth To Power" Attacks Iconic Dem Reporter For Audacity Of Truth!!


Well, the lapdog is trained to bark, apparently.  Only not at the government, but, at the ones who actually believe the Fourth Estate has a responsibility and role in checks and balances. 

If this wasn’t so nauseating or infuriating, this would be a great topic to explore in an academic fashion. 

For those living under a rock, Team Zero has been crapping all over itself crying about the looming sequester cuts.  They’ve been consistently blaming the Republicans for the cuts.  Iconic Dem journalist Bob Woodward had the audacity to point out that the sequestration was Obama’s doing.  Heavily implying that the White House has manufactured this latest non-crisis crisis.  This cause a bunch of “harumphs” from the LSM. 

But, now, Woodward has committed the most unpardonable of sins.  He’s actually telling tales.  Turns out the White House threatened Woodward about his reporting

They’re not happy at all,” he said on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” adding that an e-mail from a senior administration official – who he would not name – communicated a message which caused him great concern.

“It was said very clearly, you will regret doing this,” he said.

The reaction from the Lap Dog media was swift, predictable and of low character

Michael Grunwald @MikeGrunwald

The Obama guy was right. Woodward will regret this. He already should.

Brietbart has this….

Politico itself, which downplayed the entire incident, even as it acknowledged that Woodward’s “play-by-play is basically spot on” with regard to reporting the sequestration. “White House officials are certainly within their rights to yell at any journalist, including Bob Woodward,” said official Obama buddies Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei. Allen and VandeHei merely suggested that the battle with Woodward was “a major distraction at a pivotal moment for the president.” They added, “Watching and now having interviewed Woodward, it is easy to see why White House officials get worked about him.” Poor Obama, having to deal with such issues.

ABC even shows this….

The blitz drew a harsh rebuke from former senior Obama adviser David Plouffe Wednesday night: “Watching Woodward last 2 days is like imagining my idol Mike Schmidt facing live pitching again. Perfection gained once is rarely repeated,” he wrote on Twitter.

Former Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith also opined: “Woodward deserves a lot of credit for taking a macro story about DC dysfunction, competing econ theories & making it all about him,” she said.

I’m out of time again,…… hopefully the last time for a while.  But, read the links, the LSM apparently has lost reverence for the 1st amendment and now believe it’s okay for the government to try and silence members of the press.  Just another willful acquiescence of another one of our rights.  May they all rot in hell.

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8 Responses to More LapDog LSM —– Now Hates "Truth To Power" Attacks Iconic Dem Reporter For Audacity Of Truth!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    It is a self enforcing loop. By being the lapdog to Obama, the media has emboldened him to basically ostracize, and now threaten non conforming news people and organizations. Obama’s war on Fox is unprecedented, yet dismissed by the left as they simply repeat the false narrative about the largest news network.

    The whole process is only unprecedented in America. It has long been the norm in Banana republics. But I guess we are one now.

  2. Latitude says:

    Lanny Davis: White House told Washington Times to stop running my column or else…

    Lanny Davis, and Obama supporter, said this morning on WMAL that the Washington Times editor was threatened with restricted access or possible revocation of access to White House officials if they kept running his column, a column White House officials apparently didn’t like.

  3. DirkH says:

    Now, the Obama movement threatens icons of Leftist Journalism. And instead of complaining about it, the foot soldiers LIKE it. This is quite amazing – but when one assumes that all the little democrat voters are simple authoritarian personalities who WANT and NEED a caudillo to rule them it all makes sense. Strong similarities to Chavez.

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