Gems on the Sword — Be Bold! — February 28


Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

Be Bold! February 28

Scripture Selection: Psalm 59:16-17; Proverbs 28:1; I John 4:17-18

Food for Thought: I John 4:17

If there’s one thing the Church needs more of, it is boldness. People don’t share Christ because of a lack of boldness. People don’t serve as they should; they don’t give the prophecy or word of knowledge that the Holy Spirit has impressed on them; they don’t take advantage of the opportunities that God puts before them. All because they neglect the very important truth that we are to be as He is.

In the times that I have acted in boldness and love, I have found life to suddenly become more exciting and adventurous. There are no limits to seeing God work through my boldness. But if I draw back in fear, or laziness, or insecurity, life becomes dull and lifeless. I’d rather do it God’s way.

As God’s representatives here on earth, He expects us to be like Him. He loves; He heals; He sets captives free; He forgives; He creates; He leads; He blesses. And so do we, as we walk in boldness motivated by LOVE, just as the Lord is. Boldly decide today to be as He is.

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