Because We Can Use Up All The Water :\


Nestle CEO Paul Bulcke Says Water Scarcity ‘Must Be Addressed Urgently’ To Avoid Food Shortages

When I read this sort of stuff, I wonder how shallow some people are.  Are they incapable of thinking beyond the first step?  Do they bother to seek information?  Do they look at history and try to apply some lessons of the past to today.

For those who haven’t or can’t, WE CAN’T RUN OUT OF WATER!!! 

Water doesn’t go away.  The distribution may change, and more importantly, the population distribution may change, but water?  We have plenty. 

It is beyond me that a person of such position doesn’t understand human nature, history, resource availability, potential, and natural technological advancements. 

For over a millennium, humanity has demonstrated the ability to move water hundreds of miles.  We can more it thousands if necessary.  In the future, as it is today, any shortage of food comes not from the availability of water, but apathy and the lack of the collective will. 

These idiotic Chicken Littles need to be removed from the public forum. 

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11 Responses to Because We Can Use Up All The Water :\

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    If he was intelligent he’d ring up the Israelis, who have been making the desert bloom for many years using merest drips of water.

    Or he can ask our Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery if he could part with any of the $10 billion worth of useless desalination plants he caused us to build because rain would not fill our dams ever again.

    Which are overflowing as we speak.

  2. gator69 says:

    Here is what Paul should really be wetting himself over…

    No, really. Someone should send him this. πŸ˜‰

  3. Bruce says:

    Meanwhile it is raining heavily again where I am 100 miles north of Sydney. Third wet summer in a row. Sydney is soaking too. Their main dam is spilling over yet again. It must be virtual water that is overflowing since Flannery said:

    The water restrictions now in force in Sydney are never going to be lifted, except after a run of freak conditions, just as Warragamba Dam is never again going to be full …

    Water restrictions were lifted over 3 years ago.

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