News Flash!!!! Christie Isn’t A Conservative!!


Well, the left leaning Repubs are pissy.  So is the LSM.  CPAC isn’t inviting Chrissy Christie to their Conservative Political Action Conference.

The RINOs believe Christie is the Repards best shot at winning the next election.  They believe this because they’re stupid.  They lack the capacity to learn.  LSM is giving Christie favorable coverage at the moment.  So, the Repards think this could take some of the edge off of the LSM’s attacks during the next election.  And, it will.  Just like it worked for McCain and Romney.  Idiots. 

One of the many problems which arise from running a so-called moderate, is that they lack the principles to stand behind their convictions.  This allows the LSM to characterize them as anything the media wishes.  When Romney was caught saying “47%”, he did the walk back like a moon walk!  He got his hand slapped for bringing up Benghazi in one debate, so, he was too scared to bring it up in the very last debate.  He was reduced to hiding his tax returns because of the class warfare.  He lacked the ability to stand behind his actions. 

That said, I don’t believe one could characterize Romney as “treacherous”.  We certainly can with Christie.  He sold out the Repub party and this nation for a shot at personal gain.  And, that’s one of the other problems for running so-called moderates.  Conservatives will not turn out for this person of low character, who cries for federal money, takes credit for things which didn’t really happen, and tanks an election.  Instead of actually helping the victims of Sandy, he went on a photo-op tour with Zero. 

Christie’s campaign is DOA.  The left wishes to pick another Repub candidate.  It may happen, but a Christie campaign is unwinnable.  He’s not a conservative so it makes sense that he wouldn’t be invited to the CPAC event. 

h/t Jim Masterson

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3 Responses to News Flash!!!! Christie Isn’t A Conservative!!

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    They are not RINOs. They are republicans. They are not CONSERVATIVES. Conservatives have tried to circumvent the political process by hijacking a party and making it the conservative party. But Nixon was not conservative (wage price controls anyone? EPA?). Nor was Jumpin Jim Jeffords. Scoop Jackson was a conservative. JFK was more conservative than 80% of the politicians in DC today. Conservatives never had a party, instead relying on influence in both parties.

    That died with Carter/Reagan. Kennedy took control of the democrats and turned them sharply left (McGovern tried to, but failed). Reagan tried to do the same thing, but Bush 41 aborted the process. Conservatives still remember Reagan and want to make his party theirs. And the Power Elite of the republicans will not allow it.

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