A Word About The Sequester Cuts And The Trap


This was entirely avoidable, but, the Repards played a poor hand back in 2011.  They did this for political expediency rather than having the courage of their convictions.  And now, it will cost them.  Zero and the Dems played them like a fiddle when the sequester deal was struck.  Obama won on the political aspects of the issue, and it cost every American a couple of tax raises.  Finally, the Repubs are saying no more.  Obama has dug in his heels and insists on more wealth confiscation from the private sector to avert the miniscule sequester cuts.  The Repubs seem unwilling to offer this.

So here’s what is going to happen. 

As we all know, our economy is crap.  The tax increases will ensure the economy stays this way regardless of the cuts or not.  As the economy continues its dismal performance, the Dems will point to the sequester cuts and try to blame Repubs for the economic failure.  If the Repards had any intelligence and foresight, they would already be hammering on this.  But, they don’t.  Fortunately for them, they have Suyts and other places to show them the way.  Will they heed our words?  Probably not, until it’s too late.  But, we’ll try. 

Here’s what they need to already be doing. 

They need to be screaming about the fact that we will still spend more money than last year, cuts or not.  Every statement, every news conference, every media appearance, this needs to be stated, and stated again.  Immediately after making these statements, they need to point to the horrid performance of the excess spending we’re already engaged in.


Graph is total govt spending.  Fed, State, and Local.



The only thing we have to show for all of this excess spending is more debt.  This needs to be aggressively highlighted.  Quit being reactionaries, and start taking the offensive!  They’re losing the argument and if they don’t proactively start moving, they’ll take another public bashing.  Get off your a… behinds, and start pretending to care about the future of this nation!

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3 Responses to A Word About The Sequester Cuts And The Trap

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  2. PhilJourdan says:

    Some of them are saying it – and you see how the media is portraying them. Poltifact proved that when the truth is told, the media will call it a lie.

    At least some are calling BS on Obama and his meme about whose fault the sequester is. But most of the media is not. At least not the MSM.

  3. cdquarles says:

    Stupid Party indeed. As bad as Herbert Hoover was, FDR was worse. How did FDR and his successors get away with it? Loudly proclaiming at every opportunity that the Republicans caused the Depression and conflating laissez-faire with Republican. Never mind that the Depression was caused by Socialist actions from governments worldwide. The sheeple, er, people, have never been required to face the truth. The Establishment, whether D or R, agrees with socialist premises.

    The Republican party, as presently led, must die in the manner that the Whigs did. A conservative, read Constitutional, party needs to pull together and wrest control of the nominating process from the Establishment. It needs to do it now. 2014 needs to be another TEA party election. Bad Rs need to go. Bad Ds need to go.

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