Nice….. Now We’re Subsidizing The Scumbags In Hollywood


Breitbart has run some stories coinciding with the Oscars. 


‘Argo’ Bagged $6.21 Million in Taxpayer Money…


…Taxpayers May Pony Up $8.4 Million for ‘Django’…


…’Lincoln’ Netted $3.5 Million in Tax Breaks

At a time when much of Hollywood is pleading for higher taxes on the wealthy to pay their “fair share,” and city governments are going belly up, critics say it does not make sense for major movie companies to be bagging $1.5 billion in “Hollywood welfare.”

“I’m just about the biggest critic of these programs, because giving away the taxes of the city is so detrimental,” said Pontiac, MI emergency manager Louis Schimmel. “The money is needed for police, fire and trash pickup.”

Argo won Best Picture at last night’s Oscars.

Django Unchained has now grossed $365,584,000 worldwide.  The other movies mentioned won’t be too far behind. 

Senator Colburn has called for Obama to institute a ‘hiring freeze’ on non-essential positions and urges Obama administration to cancel 100-city tour to offset budget impact of the sequester cuts.  I think we’ve found another place to help offset the trauma of an imaginary 2.4% reduction in spending. 

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3 Responses to Nice….. Now We’re Subsidizing The Scumbags In Hollywood

  1. gator69 says:

    Odd that we never hear squat about ‘Big Film’ not paying their fair share. I’m sure it is a simple undersight. 😉

  2. philjourdan says:

    Most of that is from the states and localities. They are “bidding” on making the movies. Which goes to show that when you lower taxes – you get more business.

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