Each Year The Certainty Of Stupidity Has Increased


Good heavens!  What sort of sophist imbeciles would write such tripe!?!!?!?!   Yes, that was rhetorical.  We already know what sort of scumbags would write such nonsense…..  totalitarian nutters hell bent on destroying the gifts of Western civilization.

The New Nostradamus of the North has this.  It’s about a book….. The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy

In it is this quote…..

We have known about these impending problems for several decades.
Each year the certainty of the science has increased, yet we have failed to act appropriately to the threat.

What?  In what manner?  Climate Change?  It’s a laughing stock.  Today, and increasingly as we move forward in time, people laugh at these imbeciles.  How can the certainty of the science increase as certainty of their incorrect assumptions increasingly be brought to bear?

I’m not going to bother with links.  If someone wishes, they can ask in the comments, and I’ll happily provide.  But, the temps?  No, they not increasing, unless you wish to consider warmcold as increasing.   Snow?  Well, yes, we’re having moreless of it, as we are wetdry.  The sea level rate of rise is decreasing and hasn’t accelerated as all the nutjobs said it would “for several decades“.  Storms, floods and fires…. none have panned out like the nutters have stated.  Yet, complete imbeciles like David Shearman and Joseph Wayne Smith assert we’re more certain?  Yes, but only in their ideology. 

Will someone ask for the links?  I hope so.  I doubt it.  These nutters absolutely refuse to be confronted with reality. 

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5 Responses to Each Year The Certainty Of Stupidity Has Increased

  1. germy says:

    lets study the wetdry snow today as we are witnessing the warmcold today

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