Calling BS On UN Donor Nations Meetings And Their Stated Purpose


There’s an interesting article at Fox news.  But, it’s reporting on a lie.

US, other nations quietly maneuvering to rein in sprawling, inefficient UN system

Frustrated by the epic inefficiency, sprawling disorganization and free-spending of their money by the United Nations, a group of Western donor nations, including the U.S., has been meeting quietly to develop a strategy to rein in the world organization’s more than $20 billion a year in anti-poverty assistance – which even parts of the U.N. concede hasn’t done much to relieve poverty.

The donor group’s aim is to produce some kind of workable reform agenda for the bloated system that will actually achieve greater efficiency, less duplication and fragmentation of efforts, less corruption and a greater ability to see where their money actually goes.

When queried by Fox News for information about the meeting, a spokesman for Germany’s federal Ministry for Economic Development Cooperation merely acknowledged that the session was taking place……

According to the Stockholm document, the donor nations, which include most major Western European nations, as well as Canada, Australia and the U.S.—but not Japan—are not trying to cut costs, but rather are about “achieving more with available resources.” …..

A variety of expert studies, including one published in May 2012, have rated U.N. agencies at the low end of effectiveness among organizations, governments and institutions around the globe, and ranked them equally as low for their willingness to discuss their finances and operations.

And as recently as last month, the United Nations Development Program’s executive board learned from its own internal evaluators that their organization’s anti-poverty efforts often have “only remote connections with poverty.”


Inefficiencies, crime, and corruption are par for the course for UN agencies.  This has long been known.  For decades we’ve endured such nonsense.  But, why am I calling BS on this?  Because the nature of the meetings.  There’s no reason to be quite or secretive about this.  These are the donor nations.  If we so desired, we could set up an alternative vehicle to distribute our charity and tell the UN to buzz off.  But, we’re not even threatening to do so.  What they’re doing is deciding which inefficiencies, crime, and corruption are acceptable and which are not, when none should be accepted.  They’re being quiet about it because if inefficiencies, crime, and corruption were common knowledge among the public, it would be demanded that these payments cease. 

In my previous post we saw an idiot activist make a bizarre and meaningless gesture.  This is the same.  Only the excrement is of a different form.  How many water treatment plants could $20 billion/yr buy?  How much education and training for such endeavors would $20 billion buy?  We, as a body of nations could easily wipe out poverty in the nations which would allow it to happen.  Some nations simply refuse to advance because of their own crime and corruption and insistence on localized warfare.  But, for the other poverty stricken nations, which are not constrained by such, there’s no reason for this to be so. 

Take the $20 billion a year and set up a systematic process to educate the people on two things.  Teach them how to utilize the resources available for energy and fuel.  And then teach them proper water techniques such as modern sewage systems, water treatment plants and irrigation.  Then, we’re done.  Once these two things are learned, provided the governments and the people are willing, then poverty will be dramatically diminished as it is in first world nations.  Production, learning, sanitation, and health would all be dramatically increased.  Instead, the donor nations are having closed door sessions trying to figure out how to make the UN anti-poverty units more efficient when they’ve shown an unwillingness to do such. 

The people behind these meetings are just as corrupt as the UN people, just in a different manner.

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